Volume 10, Issue 5, page 6

lecular emanations and the vital radiation are
different to conventional energy. This is fitly
these energy forms, if they are to be appropriately analyzed, classified, and manipulated,
require completely different instruments than
those used in conventional electronics. Fbr
well over three decades, Dr. Drown has sought,
thru books, lectures, and copious other writings, to get this fundamental point thru the
heads of all who seek to understand her work.
American magazines which fall over each other
to publicize Russian work fall over themselves
to avoid the work of Dr. Drown, the American.

For this reason, a Drown Diagnostic Instrument or Radio-Vision instrument cannot be
authentically or usefully evaluated by any
electronics expert from the conventional field --
no matter what his eminence. Thru the years,
various scientific smart-alecks, both in the
employ of the U.S. Government and others who
have done their best to smear and ruin Dr.
Drown, have obtained Drown instruments by any
means necessary and have examined them. To the
eye of the conventional electronics expert,
there is nothing useful inside.

There are nine dials, each consisting of 10
studs, the resistance of the whole assemblage
being one ohm. Conventional electronics would
rightly state, on the basis of conventional
energy, that the instrument could not diagnose
disease. (The claim has never been made that
the instrument could diagnose disease.) Yet
all such people, without exception, have deliberately avoided approaching the inventor
and asking her to explain the principle of operation. They have always considered that
they knew it all, an attitude as unsound as it
is absurd.

As a radio engineer, the writer knows the
problem well from both sides, but it is shameful that an undeviatingly conventional approach
to the examination of Drown instruments has
obscured the true nature of their purposes and
design. The instrument is an antenna, used for
collecting the molecular and vital energy of a
human being, and for tuning, examining, and
classifying these energies. It has nothing to
do with conventional electronics and requires
a completely different approach. Also required
is freedom from bias, preconceived ideas, and
the misrepresentations nationally circulated
by bodies determined to kill thought and work
along this line.

Dr. Drown has based her work on the twofold
nature of the energy connected with the human
body. There is the electrostatic energy of the
physical tissues themselves, and there is the
vital energy passing thru these tissues. Each
organ, gland, and type of tissue has its own
set frequency, governed entirely by the molecular structure of the tissue in question. This
frequency is always the same thruout the human
and animal kingdoms for various tissues of the

Similarly, when tissue is changed by disease, its molecular emanation is changed.
Healthy tissue and diseased tissue are two
different things, as any qualified pathologist
will testify. Thru the decades, by painstaking
work, Dr. Drown has found the frequencies of
virtually every part of the human body, and
she has also found the frequencies of most

Bacteria, for example, have a certain form,
a fact which permits the trained bacteriologist to identify and classify them. Like everything else in the physical world, the form of
the bacteria is made up of molecules, and
therefore each type of bacteria can be expressed numerically as a Drown frequency, or

"rate", as it is termed.

The nine tuning dials with 10 studs each,
permit the operator to tune in on better than
two billion separate frequencies. In order to
get the electrostatic energy of the physical
body to pass thru the instrument, friction has
to be applied by the operator's hand. This is
done by. stroking the detecting pad on the instrument. The energy moves under this impulse
when the dials are set to some frequency or
component of a frequency resonant with a frequency or frequency component of the patient's

By procedures which are too ramified and
technical to compress into the space limitations of this article, a complete diagnosis
may be made by the application of these methods. The function of every organ and gland is
measured, and a urinalysis, blood chemistry,
and blood count are carried out. By procedures
which are again related to the molecular emanations of healthy organs, the first cause of a
patient's ailments may be tracked down.

No samples are taken from the body for urinalysis or blood count. These tests are carried
out in the body, while the fluids are dynamically associated with the body processes. The
accuracy of the Drown methods was consistently
verified over a period of five years by a Florida laboratory using the recognized laboratory
procedures. The accuracy of the Drown blood
count, urinalysis, and blood chemistry methods
has also been confirmed on numerous occasions
by medical doctors and osteopaths who have worked hand in hand with Dr. Drown thru the years.

The development of such a complete diagnostic procedure has been a giant's work. Between 130 and 140 separate measurements are
involved in every diagnosis made by Dr. Drown .
Thus it is seen why she insists that a solid
medical education is indispensable in understanding and using her work. In dealing with different forms of energy,
the conventionally educated scientist or engineer finds he must review certain concepts
Cross-sectional photograph by Radio-Vision
showing a gallstone in a gall bladder. Stone
is shown imbedded in the tissue, with an area
of inflammation shown as a dark spot, above.
6 The A B E R R E E SEPTEMBER, 1963