Volume 10, Issue 5, page 4

World's Ruin
Essene Mystic

HE CREATOR of the countless millions
of planets , galaxies , and total
creation is ONE in reality but always THREE in aspect. He-She is the
actor, the thing acted upon, and
the result of such action. He-She
is the positive, the negative, and
the neutral. The Creator includes
the Fatherhood of Life, the Motherhood of Earth, and the Brotherhood
of Man. Western religions recognize the
Creator as the Creator, the Sustainer,
and the Destroyer.

Everything, to here-living humanity, appears
to have two poles. Every element of creation
seems to be dual: light and darkness, heat and
cold, up and down -- each with a neutral containing equal parts of each, or half-way between the two, forming the duality producing a

The above also is true of the Roman Catholic
Church. The white pope, John XXIII, as well as
his successor, Paul VI, was and is the spiritual head of the church. The black pope, Commanding General of the Jesuits, is head of the
Vatican State, the materialistic aspect of the

The church represents the spirit, the Vatican State represents the body of this worldwide duality.

About 1950, the Jesuits became dominant in
the church-state and from that time on the
Jesuits have dominated the organization.

The real power of the Roman Catholic churchstate is the Chief Executive (Commanding General) of the Jesuits, whose existence is known
to few persons. The white pope, whoever he may
be, is the front man, the apparent ruler of
the church. He is the one who receives the
honors, but takes his orders from the black
pope who always remains in the background.
Like many individuals, the body rules the
spirit -- and so it is with the church-state of
Rome. Vatican State rules the Roman Catholic
church .

Everything in creation follows the plan of
three in one. Everything is a trinity including man, with body, spirit, and soul. (Spirit
and mind are synonymous.)
The Jesuits, in this 20th Century parallel
to the 30 Years War, when Roman Catholic nations ganged up on Protestant nations and
tried to drive them back under Roman control ,
are now trying to make "the world Catholic".
The Jesuits, thruout their history, have been
makers of wars. Altho spoken of as World War I,
World War II, and World War III , they are in
fact but one war in three sessions -- cold war
from 1914 to the end of the Battle of Armageddon, with three hot wars included.

The Jesuits follow the rule of three by
working in three fields -- religion, finance, and

There is no question in the writer's mind
but that the Jesuits control world finance,
banking systems, and international bankers.
The Jesuits control the money and credit of
the world, including the Federal Reserve System of the United States which iw owned -- lock,
stock, and barrel -- by the banks of this nation.
The only thing Federal about it is its name.
The people of this nation do not own one share
of its stock nor have a voice in its control.

The Federal Reserve System is a member of
the international banking system of the world,
controlled by the Jesuits.

The average American would be amazed at the
number of Roman Catholics in Congress and every
important office of the Nation. The Pentagon
is a nest of Roman Catholics as is also the
F.B.I. It is the Jesuits who are now ruling the
United States and are the power behind the
White House, if not actually of it.

The Jesuits have dual organizations -- the
Jesuit priest and the lay Jesuit. Were the
Dulles brothers lay Jesuits? Did not every
policy and action indicate they were? Is J.F.K.
a lay Jesuit? Rome knows. Washington never
will know.

Whenever you see "S. J." following a Catholic priest's name , you may know he is a member of the Society of Jesus -- a Jesuit.

Lay Jesuits have no such revealing insignia
but they control the money, banking, and property of the church-state, the richest (nation)
organization on earth today other than the

This world-wide cold-hot war has now centered into a war between Rome and Moscow. Before it is over, every nation and race on earth
will be in it.

The work of the Jesuits is destructive
without a doubt, but it is essential of progress. The Jesuits function as the third element of the Creator -- Creator, Sustainer,.- and
Destroyer. The Jesuits are accomplishing the
Creator's work, and as such, their work of destruction is good, not evil. The Jesuits, with
the wars, revolutions, and changes of government, economics, and religion they are directly or indirectly responsible for, are clearing
the world of outgrown institutions so our prayer
may be answered , "Thy kingdom come , Thy will
be done on earth as it is in heaven."
We live in the most decisive years a planet
ever experiences when selfishness, competition,
and war pass on to be followed by self-LESSness, co-operation, and peace. Every one of the
70 or more bibles in use today thruout the
world t el 1 the same story of a time when
health, wealth , and happiness; peace, abundance and security will be enjoyed by every
man regardless of race, color, or religion.

We may not like the work of the Jesuits,
for seemingly it is evil. There is no evil in
fact, but man 's inability to see that evil is
like unripe fruit. In time, evil will ripen
into good. Evil, like a green apple, may give
one a bellyache now, but when ripe will be
eaten with pleasure and profit.

Another Writers' Conference will be held at
Tahlequah, Okla., on October 20-21, Jack Felts,
of Pan Press, announces. He even suggested we
appear, and in the next paragraph, said he
wanted "at least one genuine freak to spice the
show'. We might be odious and urge he wave some
"long green" in front of a popular Tulsa evangelist (Tulsa being so close), but we won't;
we like writers. Sometimes we try to be one.