Volume 10, Issue 5, page 22

Mrs. Somebody in Memphis,
Tenn., says we are in co-existence with space and time.
That fits into the jigsaw puzzl e.
"Occasionally more evidence
points toward t h e big bang
theory of creation. Let's let
our light bridge-work juggle
that concept.
"Thinking back to the one
big blob (Atom) -- all material
of the multiverse concentrated
to an incomprehensible weight,
heat, light.
"Assuming that there is but
one consciousness, let's call
the blob the Big I which sees
all, knows all, and is all.
"After the last big blow it
took billions of years for
billions of human identities
to evolve back to the one Big
I. Where is mind and/or consciousness? Is it in the atom
or the surrounding gases? Does
the God I need a physical base?
"Now we are ready for the
big atom blob to blow into another cycle or creation of
universal galaxies.
"By the way, this eternal
concentrating and blowing is
called God's breathing.
"Here is a good place to fit
the dream story into the picture. God was found at last,
he was in the form of a big diamond, but as he was brought
back to earth, the diamond
cracked into billions of pieces
-- the big bang -- and that causes
all the confusion about religion. Every time a piece is
found it is mistaken for God.
"We assume, then, that the
purpose of life is to be, or
evolve back till we see all,
know all, and are all, a composite I. The above represents
one big revolution of the
eternal cycle of continuous
creation. We can think but one
thought -- that thought and the
NOW of time is all we are and
all there is. Is that all God
is?" -- A. B. Pierson, 1439 Mill
St., Selina, Calif.
"I get a big kick out of the
letters you publish, and most
of them show you have some unusually intelligent readers in
this civilization where brainwashing is called education.
How do they escape? Maybe as I
did, as I had only one full
term in school, and that was my
first term. You study books in
school, and I studied them lying in the shade of a tree on
the bank of a stream. And my
big advantage in doing that
rose from the fact that I selected my books.
"One of my little school
books when I was 9 years old
was titled 'A Healthy Body'...
As I was eager to have a healthy body I soon knew that book
I live in it and use it. Of myself I cannot do anything. My
own body does all the healing
and circulates the blood and
moves the heart. The food does
not have the life to move
things but my body does all
the digestion and not because
of the food. Thoughts come into my own mind. I can believe
anything that I want to. What
is truth?
"One sure thing is that
everything dies on the earth
and all the rest is lies. All
our trouble is the dualism of
ouf'' minds . Oneness is t h e
truth. " -- Lawrence Pearson,
1332 Willoughby, Brooklyn, A.P.
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"How did that little book
ever escape the eagle eye of
the medical trust and get into
the public schools? Someone
was asleep at the switch. It
did not stay in long. It was
soon discovered and went out
of circulation at the end of
that scholastic term. But for
me it did its work. It gave me
the start I needed, and I never
stopped. I've been working for
that healthy body for 76 years
and am still at it.
"Living 65 miles north of
me is an ex-slave, with the
vigor of a man of 60, who celebrated his 120th birthday on
July 4, 1962. He was clambering up and down ladders, picking oranges here when he was
115. Looks like I have to go
some to catch him. It's a good
thing to have a mark like that
to shoot at, I gave my car to
my grandkids and have gone
back to walking...I may not be
able to catch this ex-slave,
but I 'm going to try." -- Hu lton
Hote+sa, Florida.
"To my kn wledge I have not
created myself or met the creator. My body is not my own but
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