Volume 10, Issue 5, page 12

appear in the Periodic Table. In 1938, however,
Dr. Drown found, and therefore published, 101
elements passing over the hOman cranial nerve
system. Physics at that time entertained only
92 elements. In the intervening time, physics
has found 12 more elements, and Dr. Drown has
completed her chart at 108.

These aspects and many others connect Dr.
Drown's work in the most rational way to orthodox science, and they also connect metaphysics
to physics. While this side of things is a
great deal more difficult to grasp, it is truly
destined to be her most significant contribution to world thought in this age.

The human body is considered by every worthwhile esoteric approach as a microcosm, a
.little universe, a tiny duplicate of the macrocosm. Since the earliest times, intuitively
guided teaching has related man's organs,
glands, tissues, and general anatomy to the
Cosmos. In the Chaldean Qabalah, all this was
set out in numbers.

These Qabalistic numbers are all verified by
a never-ending network of relationships between Drown frequencies and the numbers. This
discovery will certainly bring this ancient
system of thought squarely into the 20th Century, with a firm link to modern physics and
completely suited to modern men with contemporary problems.

The applications of this in psychosomatic
medicine seem destined to be the most farreaching of all. The mental attitudes of modern
men, their frustrations, appetites, and habits
of thought damage their physical structures by
precise relationships of mind to body. The
Drown system, for example, permits the knowledgeable doctor to know from organic damage
what aspect of his patient's emotional and
mental life is disturbed. Within a short time,
provided that America's good laws are not misused to destroy the Drown work, a whole new era
will open for psychiatry. It could well become
the king of the medical arts and sciences.

A full system of therapy has also been
worked out by Dr. Drown, based on the same
principles as diagnosis. Just as it is possible
to tune into bodily tissues to detect disease,
so is it possible to tune into the same structures for treatment. In the therapy, the patient's vital energy is the primary healing

As far as tests of the Drown work are concerned, there have been many tests, formal and
informal, thru the years. There never has been
a formal test carried out by competent physicians trained to use this work by the inventor, and in a spirit of scientific objectivity.
Anything along this line detrimental to Dr.
Drown and her discoveries has, of course, been
widely published by the powerful agencies who
do not wish these theories to gain currency.

Dr. Alexander Cannon, the eminent British
neurosurgeon and psychiatrist, advanced his
own views about tests when he wrote to the
author: "What is the use of a test, if it is
done in bias and ignorance of what is being
In due time, if this series of discoveries
can evoke the enlightened interest of American
scientists determined that their nation shall
dominate the world of ideas, the Drown work
will emerge triumphant from all properly arranged tests. For the moment, we have only the
hope that the lesson of Sputnik has sunk in,
and that men of intelligence and goodwill will
unite to bring this new aspect of physics into
the light. If it is not done in America, it is
evident it is now going to be done in Russia.

previously deemed immutable. Physicists are
trained that the strength of a radio station
in your receiver diminishes in proportion to
the square of the distance between the receiver
and the station. Vital energy is subject to no
such attenuation. It has other properties that
portend a revolution in electrical communication, and which have already become a part of
the technology developed by Dr. Drown.

For example, it has been found among other
researches that the blood of a human being is
the bearer of a special relationship to vital
energy. When a dime-sized spot of blood is
placed on a chip of blotting paper, it becomes
the visible end of an invisible line connected
to the body of its owner as long as he is alive
and even for a short time after death. Not
until the vital energy is completely withdrawn
subsequent to death is the connection broken.
A similar phenomenon, showing the gradual
withdrawal of vital energy from a dead leaf,
has been objectified by the Kirlians in Russia.

Assuming that the owner of the blood spot
is still alive when his blood crystal is connected to the input of the Drown Diagnostic
Instrument, then electrically speaking that
person is present at the input of the instrument. The connection is not to the patient as
he was at the time when the blood spot was
taken, but as he is at the moment the blood
crystal is connected to the instrument. He may
be diagnosed in full just as if he were in the
room, and photographs made in cross-section of
his organs. A blood count, blood chemistry,
and urinalysis may be made the same way.

Radio-Vision photographs have been made by
Dr. Drown in London, before audiences of medical doctors, of patients who were physically
in the U.S.A. In one dramatic instance, both
diagnosis and Radio-Vision were fully confirmed
by post mortem surgery in Connecticut.

Dr. Drown also invented an instrument for
the control of hemorrhage. When an instrument
is tuned in to the parathyroid glands of a human and grounded, then hemorrhage is controlled
in that person wherever he goes on earth. A
prominent eastern U.S. university conducted
tests with this device in dentistry, found it
most efficacious, and permitted the surgeon involved to attest to this in Writing. Then the
university forbade publication of the results,
apparently after word of success got higher up.

Readers of scientific bent might wish to
know what relationship Dr. Drown's work does
bear to the world of conventional physics. The
relationship is much closer than might be suspected. Dr. Drown 's work is entirely a matter
of numbers. Without numbers, it would not,