Volume 10, Issue 5, page 19

tain forever. Morris Katzen work?' Vs. 10: 'They shall now
says the dead are dead and God consider what shall be done to
is the God of the living. This Prevent sickness. Also to conis true. Death pertains only sider what shall be done to
to bodies (even these are not Prevent poverty. This is betreally dead -- according to sci- ter than giving to the poor.'
ence, but are teeming with Vs. 11: 'I have not come to
life, re-forming into other or heal and treat the diseased in
primary forces), So God is God flesh or spirit; nor to re-esof the living spirits -- on earth tablish any of the ancient
and in heaven. All is life, doctrines or revelations,' Vs.
Too much stress is given the 12: 'I am not a patcher-up of
importance of the dead body. old garments,' Let us go back
We should reduce it to primary to Verse 7: 'Now, it shall
elements by cremation, and come to pass, early in the Kosforget it. The spirit lives mon era' (after Hydesville inNOW in a new kingdom of vibra- cidentl 1847 and at Arcadia by
tion -- there are no dead. the Fox sisters, Dr. Benjamin
"Tell people to quit pick- Franklin, the director of the
ing on Louis. He is great." -- band of workers. This last inRosalind John, 1533 4th, Norco, formation is little known to
Calif. the present world of seekers
0 0 0 after spiritual things.
"A thought on the present "In the era of the 1848 A.
state of human ills: The world D., or Kosmon era, according to
over -- new diseases or varia- '0ahspe ', there would be an
tions of the same old ones, increase of participation of
but they are not controlled as several new cults that would
usual by the old-fashioned spring up, using the laying on
herbs, nostrums, notions. Drugs of hands for healing of physiof various strength and sur- cal ills, including mental obgery prove unavailing to the sessions, cases of continued
prevailing diseases, not count- drunkenness, and all manner of
ing the present ratio of mental diseases.
aberrations (now 1 to 11 to "We note as we go back into
the population), and the need the 1850's on, several new reof psychiatric healing to all ligions sprang into being, and
ages and walks of life. Moth- the use of healing by hands
ers of this generation of chil- became the means of getting a
dren seem to forget the action good following. It would take
of drugs, cigaret smoke, sleep- too much time to enumerate the
ing pills, and other derogatory number and names of organizachemicals that are taken into tions that came into being afthe body. We seem to want to ter 1848 up to the present.
live a highly-exciting life There have been several noted
on the highways with the autos healers during the last 100
and also the doubly-exciting years who made headlines in
screen action as depicted on the press, such as Harry Edsame to cause tension because wards, E. C. Pricker, Elsie H.
of the hours on end of looking Salmon (the Lady in White' from
at the screen or the noisy Africa. They are doing a big
voices of the participants in job of healing as individuals,
each screen play. The eyes, compared to an older orthodox
ears, and nerve endings soon religion which says they are
take their toll on the nervous holders of the true signs of
system and no doubt account healing. There is no pomp and
for our present-day conditions ecclesiastical ceremonies at
of mental health. One reason Spiritualist healing services;
why many would find peace and no selling of holy water, no
nerve comfort in a quiet com- struck medals for sale, no
munity life. simony, or pictures of saints
"Take England for instance: to help the faithful when they
It is said that with and de- carry them on their persons.
spite all advances made by the The percentage of known cures
medical profession, many dedi- at Lourdes is estimated at 15
cated doctors are overworked per 150,000 persons that go
trying to do their best to deal there for spiritual healing -- a
with afflictions that are be- very small percentage when the
yond their resources. Civili- church claims it is the true
zation, with all its stresses and original church of Christand strains, seems to produce Jesus, which in reality origa growing number of new ail- inated in 325 A.D.
ments, or variations of the old "Spiritualist churches proones that seemingly will not duce fantastic healers of the
yield to orthodox remedies. physical body, and help mental
"The book '0ahspe' says: ailments as well -- plus spirit
(P.7711 vs. 9: 'The healing of doctors who remove tumors,
the sick may be compared unto goiters, cancers, and do a surgiving alms to the poor, and gical appendectomy to a body
saying: Have I not done a good while lying on the table in
the seance room. The only instrument used is the medium,
whose hands are under spirit
control. All the healers have
the attitude that God-Nature
will deliver healing to all and
sundry, regardless of their
religion, belief, or color.
"The Great Unseen Forces of
healing are regarded as the
Way of Life, and there is a
great spiritual uplift felt and
given each individual, mental
as well as,body effect. A spiritual change in the viewpoint
of the individual concerned is
desired by the spirit doctors,
regardless of whether they are
healed or not; the important
thing is to know they are back
into the Light and the path of
spiritual progression, ready
for a new step in the right
direction before going into
transition." -- Wilfred D. Jodoin, D.C., 1229 Astor Dr.,
New Port Richey, Fla.
"I was disappointed in Fred
Hand's lack of understanding.
It seems that the more educated individuals are the hardest to teach. The clerics have
been brainwashed into a channel
of thought that does not permit them to think in terms
other than in the channels into which they have been educated. The same applies to
lawyers and medics. A new idea
or different channel of thought
threatens their career. The
cleric must stick to the doctrine and dogma established to
be brainwashed into the public
mind as a means of controlling
the masses. The lawyer is concerned only with winning a debate on established rules of
procedure where the truth is
not as important as the rules
of practice; where a 1 ie uttered by 'qualified' witnesses
is considered evidence while
the truth from a 'layman' is
not probative evidence. And
the medic is so puffed up with
his own importance that he regards anybody who does not have
a medical license as a quack.
If a medic today practices the
way the medical art was practiced 50 years ago he would be
also called a quack. Therefore
wasn't he a quack 50 years ago?
And will not the present methods of medical treatment be
quackery 50 years from now? I
will admit that surgical skill
is great, but on the whole medical practice is quackery, and
ignorance in the field of health
is profound..