Volume 10, Issue 5, page 11


'ITH THE establishment of the Roman State
Church in the Fourth Century A.D., came
the need of a book to persuade the people
to believe the Church was God's agent.

The giant task of compiling that book from
the scrolls of the ancient astrologers,
not one line of which had a known author, was
begun by Eusebius of Caesarea (264-349 A.D.) a
renowned scholar, a learned leader, some say
an Initiate of the Ancient Mysteries, and
Emperor Constantine's right-hand-bower at the
First Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., where and
when occurred the epochal event of founding
the above Church, not so much as a religious
institution as a political expediency, according to the facts of hidden history.

Had Eusebius lived to finish the Bible, it
would have been a far different book than it
turned out to be. He died before it was completed, and the work was taken over by Jerome
(331-420 A.D.' and finished in the early part
of the Fifth Century.

Jerome lacked much of being the polished
scholar Eusebius was. He was not so proficient
in knowledge of the ancient symbols and allegories as Eusebius was. This caused him to include and exclude certain scriptures, the value
of which was unknown to him, and to give the
wrong slant to many of his interpretations of
the ancient language.

Regardless of who had made the Bible, none
of the scribes in those turbulent times had
dared to commit to writing in lucid language
the secret knowledge concealed in the ancient
symbols and allegories. Hence, the Bible was
compiled not to present, in overt detail, the
ageless wisdom of the Masters, but to conceal
it. And so, there is much truth in a remarkable book of 800 pages by Krypton, titled Quartum Organum, wherein he said:
"The Bible is nothing but mythology, and
when we come to deal with it (which he did in
later pages of his book), we will prove that
it is plagiarized mythology at that" (P. 320).

Christianity believes this mythology is of
Jewish origin. No reference to Jews occurs in
the Bible until we reach 2 Kings 16:6. Why
theologians call Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
"Jews" is not understandable. No Jews were
known in history during their days. This is another case to prove how mistaken theologians
are as to many points in the Bible.

Making the Bible was a huge and delicate
task. The compilers did not relish the thought
of recording the profound secrets of the ageless wisdom that had never before been put in
writing. It had to be done in such an ingenious
manner that the exoteric could not detect the
hidden meaning of what they read, and yet
think they did. And so, every word every
phrase, line, sentence, and paragraph had to
be studied with extreme care, to make the messages misleading to the exoteric while informing the esoteric, and yet conceal from the
fl OW DOES one get what he wants? First, one
makes a start -- and one way to start is to
be so vibrantly healthy, so full of good
spirits, so alert, that anything is easy.
It would seem that most ABERREE readers
and all ABERREE writers, whether in articles or in letters, are soul-searchers and
truth seekers. There are two kinds, those who
spend some effort and motion and those who
don't. The ones who do may sit in meditation,
do special exercises, attend seances, write,
play the ouija board, lecture, think up new
gimmicks, originate n e w theories, conduct
groups, walk their astral bodies around, or...

Then there are the ones who don't. Don't do
anything, that is, except, of course, sit and
talk. They have no energy to do otherwise.

The apparent goal is "to be one with the
universe", "know the unknowable", "find the
essence of God or Spirit", "solve the riddle of
the universe", or just "to be". There are jillions of paths leading to "be". Many of the
leaders and proponents of these paths have many
ideas in common on which I will not elaborate
except one -- which, of course, leads me by this
verbose and devious way to the crux of this
humble missive. It is this -- start with the most
obvious and logical point of reality for us all
-- the body. A healthy body! It is an indisputable fact we must have at least an operable
body for a starting point to expend the energy
necessary to embark on the path of choice. It
is always a help if our parents have given us
a durable body and good food in our formative
years, but NOW is the time we are living in and
NOW is the important consideration.

I recommend the following things: Eat no
processed foods, try to obtain organicallygrown produce, meat, and eggs whenever possible. Eat plenty of seeds and nuts. Take health
food vitamins and bone meal.

This advice is difficult to follow, I know
as supplies are scarce or non-existent in some
areas . So each and every one start writing
letters -- to your president, your governors,
your congressmen, your state assemblymen, your
federal, state, and county agricultural departments, your food manufacturers, and grocery chain owners protesting. Protest the use
of insecticides, pesticides, weed killers an(
chemical fertilizers that make fruits and vegetables unfit for human consumption. Protes'
the use of steroids such as stilbesterol an,
use of antibiotics in our meat, poultry, anc
milk industries. Protest the pollution of our
water supplies by industrial wastes and use of
detergents instead of soap. Protest the chemical additives that are put wholesale into
processed foods.

Turn the tide in the complete annihilatiot
of our bodies while we still have a chance tc
use them. After all, the whole point of existence is to get out of this life alive! If yo
want further data on what is being done to yot
in the name of "science", read PREVENTION MAGAZINE, Rodale Press, Emmaus, Penn., "Silent
Spring", by Rachel Carson, and "Poisons in
Your Food", by William Longgood. Or check your
public library; there are many others.