Volume 10, Issue 5, page 5

YNCE 1935, Dr. Ruth B. Drown of Los
Angeles has been utilizing officially
unacknowledged energy principles of
the human body to make cross-sectional photographs of human organs,
tissues, and bones. Named the RadioVision Instrument, this device when
properly understood is undoubtedly
one of the most remarkable inventions in history. That the instrument, and more especially the principles
involved in its operation, have not become more widely known is due to many
factors. For one thing, Dr. Drown has cut
sharply across the favored, orthodox
theories of disease, and as a consequence
has been villified, blackguarded, and misrepresented by Big Medicine. A new day
seems to be at hand, if only because Russia is about to rub uncle Sam's face in
his own stupidity in the very field where
Dr. Drown has labored so long.

Two Soviet experimenters have demonstrated
irrefutably, and independently of Dr. Drown,
that the energy principles on which she has
based her work are absolutely authentic. From
I.Leonidov's account of the work of Semyon and
Valentina Kirlian carried in FATE in September,
1962, it i s obvious that the Soviet experimenters were unaware of Dr. Drown's work. The
diagnostic and therapeutic properties of this
energy , on which these Russians so rightly
speculate, have already been thoroly explored
by Dr. Drown in 40 years of slogging, selfless

While it is not possible to make a final
judgment on the Kirlian work on the basis of
Leonidov's necessarily sketchy article, it is
obvious from the published Russian photographs
of the human finger that the Kirlians have
photographed both molecular and vital radiation. The Soviet workers already have noted
the electrical differences between living and
dead substances which have always been part of
Dr. Drown's theories.

Central to all Dr. Drown's inventions and
technics is the postulation that everything
having form in the physical world is made up
of molecules. Rood differs from steel, for example, because the molecular arrangements in
wood and steel are different. Molecules are
sub-sensible particles of electricity in perpetual motion. This constant whirling of these
tiny particles produces a molecular emanation
from all materials. It is held that these emanations are a function of the source producing

Even if the Kirlian work did not verify
that this is indeed true, there would nevertheless still be nothing hypothetical about
Dr. Drown was demonstrating her instruments
to British doctors, when a blood crystal was
delivered to the lecture room from a patient in
Connecticut. She diagnosed the case as cancer
of the stomach, a diagnosis proven by post morten surgery. A shows the pyloric end of the
stomach, which extends from the right edge of
the picture. B -- the white, thickened cancerous
tissue. Across the funnel-like opening of the
stomach between A and B is a blood clot, C.
the matter. In June of 1961, the writer published in the "Journal of Borderland Sciences"
(Box 548, Vista, Calif.) an article describing
the complete experimental procedure by which
any person of normal eyesight may actually see
this molecular emanation for himself. The experiment involves no psychism, but is as physical and repeatable as turning on an electric
switch. If the experiment is followed, t h e
same emanations recorded by the Kirlians and
published in FATE may be directly perceivable
by anyone.

This energy has distinctly fluidic properties
and does not follow the normal law of optics.
The experiment also shows a distinct difference
between mineral substances and living substances. Both have a molecular emanation
But the living structure is surrounded by a
pale gray double of itself, standing out from
the extremity of the physical substance by
about 1/32nd of an inch. There is generally
much more radiation around a living object
than a mineral article.

This double is the etheric double or formative-force body of the living organism. When
it is removed, at death, the living aspect or
life principle of the organism is removed. The
living organism is no longer constantly permeated by vital energy. The organism slowly descends to the purely mineral state and eventually disintegrates. This decline of vital
energy is dramatically shown in the Kirlian
leaf photographs.

This energy is different to the conventional
energy employed in electronics. Both the moSEPTEMBER, 1963 The ABERREE 5