Volume 10, Issue 5, page 14

horrify Aunt Agatha who knows
all about hell and what's going to happen to people who
disagree with her -- and in our
excitement, we probably ran
Tom's long distance telephone
bill away out of proportion to
what he expected when he put
in the call to ask us a simple
question. But it does sound
like a good idea -- this putting
ghost stories on record. Reminds us of our barefoot days
when we used to lie in the haystack, while Dad told us some
dillies. Above us, the stars
twinkled amusedly, and the
moon-man grinned u n derstandingly while our eyes probed
the shadows between us and the
house, and we dreaded the time
when. we'd have to go thru or
past whatever might be lurking
in them as the evening's storytelling session ended...1 Anyhow, if you see a box with some
cavorting ghosts thereon who
look familiar, stop and give a
listen to Tom's yarns. It might
be fun ...
1 There was such a crowd at
the recent appearance of Arthur Burks in Los Angeles that
Florance Verrico had to stand
on the porch and turn away the
latecomers, after more than
125 had filled the large meeting room of Dr. L. 0. Anderson's to capacity, s1 a reports .
fever, the Friends of t h e
Dunbar Training Center organization is seeking larger quarters -- not especially because
of this, but Dr. Anderson himself is to move soon -- forced
out because his Center at 270
South St. Andrews Place is being sold o'It from under him to
make way for a new apartment
house... 1 Another change in
the Los Angeles area is the
acquisition by the Church of
Scientology of a larger building at 1089 South Hoover, with
an open house to celebrate on
June 29. The 12-hour affair was
marked with a party and the
playing of tapes. (One guess
as to whose voice was on the
tapes.)...1 All of which doesn't sound as if Angelenos are
much worried over bodements
that California will sink into
the drink, with the rising of
Lemuria. Our mentioning it
here doesn't mean we think it
-will happen -- or that it won't.
However, if it should, we suspect the effect on other socalled "safer" areas will be
just as devastating...

1 Further evidence to support the theory of reincarnation has been reported by a
Santa Monica, Calif., newspa
per, but it probably won't get
the- publicity given B r i dey
Murphy. This episode concerns
a Santa Monica ex-convict,
Meryl B. Cork, who claims that
while in p r i son recovering
from gunshot wounds received
in a holdup, he was regressed
under hypnosis by prison doctors (you can do anything to a
convict legally, apparently ).
While under hypnosis, Cork revealed to a Dr. Paul Stuver
that in his "previous life" , he
had been William "Billy the
Kid" Bonnie, who was shot to
death in New Mexico after he'd
killed 21 white men, two women, 10 Mexicans, 13 Indians,
and two Negroes. (He didn't do
so well in this life, however,
as he was shot five times by
his would-be victim in an unsuccessful beauty shop holdup.)
Cork says that investigation
of his recalls have proven so
authentic that Hollywood producers are planning a revised
movie of the western badman's
life, using the data as given
by Cork under hypnosis. Since
"Billy the Kid" was not one of
our heroes, we're not printing
this to advertise the revised
story of a western badman, but
to ask how a man can stage a
holdup on Dec. 12, 1962, pick
up five bullet wounds, go to
prison, be regressed thru the
past life of a "famous" thug,
and get out to help make a
movie in May of 1963. In 1881,
"justice" didn't include movie
and T -V contracts for teenagers who couldn't behave...

Albert Roy Davis, Green
Cove Springs, Fla., ran the
following ad. in the classified
section of two Florida newspapers, t h e FLORIDA TIMESUNION and the Jacksonville
ME! Or anyone knowing the address of anyone. or all, of the
above men, *ease write giving
present or known address. No
phone calls please. Roy Davis.
director. Roy Davis Co.; 23 W.
Walnut St.: Green Cove Springs.

It went to a claimed 2,500,000
readers, cost him $72.80, and
didn't garner a single answer.
"I wanted to prove a point and
I think I did," Roy explains.
Well, it proved a point to us,
too -- that advertising in The
ABERREE is a better investment -- IF you want results...
1 So many liars are turning
up in Washington -- and so much
need to find out just who is
lying about what -- that selfstyled "experts " are taking a
new look at the lowly polygraph -- and are coming up with
data any E-meter student could
have given them years ago. Remember the pre-clears who had
an annoying habit of squeezing
the cans, or loosening pressure, to control the reading
and confuse the auditor? Of
course , a good auditor could
detect such subterfuges, but
there probably has been many
an auditing hour wasted trying
to find an "engram" that was
no more than an itch in the
palm, or the recall of something that had nothing to do
whatever with the question the
auditor had asked. Now, since
it is "official", it can be
revealed that tensing the toe
muscles, when answering something truthfully, stimulates
an emotional involvement that
could be mistaken for a lie
response. Or the mental picturing of something exciting --
such as a brief sexual fantasy
-- will produce an emotional
storm that might make the polygraph run wild. Actually, with
all due respect to Volney Mathison whose machine forced -- an
auditor to get his nose out of
a science-fiction magazine as
his pre-clear snoozed away in
a "dope-off", we long ago came
to the conclusion that readings
on the E-meter showed less the
pre-clear 's "Mae" than it did
how much he was "in session".
A pre-clear, facing an auditor
who was following some rote he
had learned in class, would
let his mind wander to more
pleasant things than proving
Hubbard was absolutely right,
and could give such a false
"high" reading that the poor
rote auditor would start digging for "clear" buttons to
pin on his victim. But it was
more ennui that was showing
than it was "tone reading"...
It may be that the Washington
officials, faced with the fear
of revealing their maladministration on the same type of
machine police have used for
years to force prisoners into
true or false confessions, may
have set up the"experts" to
confuse the issue -- that they
really didn't steal those millions , after all, but w e r e
merely tensing their big toes.
Which may mean the electrodes
of the future will be clamped
on the toes -- not held in the
hand. How about it Volney?...

Apropos of nothing (zero ,
that is). Phil Friedman, who
is trying to escape the heat
of Florence at Lakeside, an
Arizona "seaport", sends us an
announcement of the birth of
triplets to Lady, one of his
goats, recently. (Yes, the goat
goes where Phil goes; alter all,
one must stay healthy, even
when vacationing.) This gives