Volume 10, Issue 5, page 21

scribe Creation and its various processes and products.
"The Mother Church built
its unscientific system by factualizing ancient fables and
parables, then burnt libraries
and scrolls to hide its fraudulent work. The burning of libraries and scrolls is a matter
of history, but the world has
never been truthfully told why
they were burnt." -- George R.
Clements, Sebring, Fla.
"I am happy to announce
that I joined the A. Roy Davis
Laboratories in a consulting
capacity. Roy has developed a
remarkable rejuvenating elixir.
But what is more important in
the cold war, Roy is developing a substance that shatters
space suit helmets on contact.
The mysterious crystals shatter
tough plastic by use of invisible inaudible atomic vibrations. I collaborated with him
on this spectacular scientific
breakthru. Roy has also invented an electronic device
that ends needless T-V breakdowns. The life of T-V sets
can be increased up to 10
times, thus saving hundreds of
dollars in repair bills.
"However, I am very displeased with the article by
Dr. Crawford in which he lashes
out against 'unearned' E S P
phenomena and contacts. He objects to the use of chemical
aids to achieve ESP on grounds
that it amounts to 'taking unearned rewards' (in other words
it's stealing!) This is a fallacy. He might just as well
demand that myopic people discard the 'unearned' benefits of
eye-glasses, and try to get
along the hard moral way by
squinting. His reasoning is
along Hindu orthodox lines:
birth control is an 'unearned'
relief; the faithful should
only accept the morally right
population control by famine,
war and pestilence, by which
one earns good Karma. As a result of such teachings thousands of starving Hindu citizens die in the gutter." -- Geo.
W. Laws, 111 W. Myrtle, S a n
Antonio, Texas.
"After a long vacation from
Scientology, I was much interested to see how it had evolved
since I dropped it. I was favorably impressed with the vigor
of the Hayes group in Oakland.
The group was much larger than
I had expected, and more active .
"It would appear that Scientology does meet a need of
many people. This need seems
to be for some method of integrating the mind-body-emotionspiritual complex on a deeper
level than other groups can
provide. In these days of shock
and confusion, it is apparent
that the trouble with people
is people, and self-understanding is vital to survival ...
"Scientology' is an attempt
to solve the riddle of the human mind. It falls far short,
in spite of heroic efforts by
its founder, L.Ron Hubbard, and
his admirers...
"Scientology falls short in
two ways. First, and most serious, it is 'culture bound'.
It works after a fashion in
certain social strata of Oakland, Los Angeles, and other
places, as in Washington, D.C.,
and England. It does not work
in many other places. It requires a certain basic agreement among its followers as to
the mores of society. If that
agreement is lacking, Scientology does not work -- it is
not even understood. Scientology relies heavily on certain
mechanical devices-such as the
famous E-meter. The E-meter
and its variants seem to be a
crutch, to enable auditors
with low awareness to extend
their awareness. It is not
necessary to those with 'theta'
perceptios, as Hubbard terms
some psychic phenomena. Being
mechanical , the E-meter has
the limitations of mechanism.
It depends on the skill of the
user to interpret it, and the
skill depends on the indoctrination Mr. Hubbard gives his
followers. That this indoctrination is faulty is shown by
the government's seizure of
the device. It was seized because of the excessive claims
made for it as a panacea for
al 1 nmhl ems
ED. NOTE -- Actions of the
Foo and Drug division of the
A. M. A. in seizing. Hubbard's
E-meters is not by itself evidence the device is faulty. The
E-meter isn't infall ible, but
neither is the F.D.A., nor are
the auditors who think themselves "too good" to use such
mechanical aids in their processing. See your own rule in
the following paragraph.)
"My objection to the device
stems from the fact that it
enables the Scientologist to
avoid looking at facts too important to be overlooked. The
human mind is eternally free,
and seems to operate on only
one law, which I give here for
the second time. You will find
the first statement in back
copies of The ABERREE under my
name. The Lundberg Law reads:
The human mind works in the
way it itself postulates that
it should. If it postulates it
needs an E-meter to gain understanding, it will insist that
only an E-meter can help it...
"And here I come to the
second way in which ScientolThe ABERREE
ogy falls short. It postulates
that an entity called 'I' must
take charge of the person's
affairs. Scientology does not
realize even yet that 'I' is a
valence imposed by the parents.
The child calls himself 'he'
or 'she' or 'baby' until the
parent says 'You are I, call
yourself I'. What a choice
identity to unravel, and it
has to be done. 'I' is a suit
of clothes which make the person respectable. The person
who wishes to know himself
must give up his dignity -- his
false front -- at least before
himself, and most people would
rather die than to admit his
feral nature, to admit his animalness, his intrigue, and his
small cunning.
"The rewards are tremendous
tho, and well worth reaching
for, tho ever beyond the reach
of ' I ' to understand." -- Richard Lundberg, San Jose, Calif.
"Here is a little poem which
I think goes along with your
line of thinking. I thought
you might like it...

The authority we invest in our
fellow ^an
Is not according to God's plan.
When we place other heads above
our own,
We ^ove away from our inner,
Eternal Home.

To follow another in his struggle
and strife
Is to lose awareness of our
own inner life.

The Master Plan for the human race
Is to be still, experience
thru inner grace.

The holy grail is nothing but
'Tis a thing that man has

To tear this veil and experience
Just put all authorities away
on the shelf.

Man, in his thought, is a mortal
'Tis only thru silence he becomes a King.

So, ^y friend, quit your struggle
and strife --
Be still, and experience Life!
-- Thomas Colon Quaife, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
"The ABERREE is my most
welcome and precious guest. It
has no competition because
there's nothing to compete with
it. Long may you wave and continue in your perfect way." --
Christian Jensen, Mt. Vernon,
(ED. NOTE -- Us perfect? That
would mean any changes we make
-- and we WILL make changes --
will downgrade us, because how
can you improve on perfection?)
"Here is a kernel of good
out of the acres of words. A