Volume 11, Issue 7, page 13

Cosmic Protection. And the ters, so they will use it when
rest can keep on looking for they write to a mailer or pubthe land of their dreams. lisher and get on his list.
"You may quote me in print The big publisher can't use
on any of the above, zip code methods unless the
"P. S. -- On Sept. 16 Khru- customer sends in his zip code
schev announced that he will with his address...
supply any necessary arms to "The postoffice could look
anyone who fights the imperial- up in a large book the postists. And so I am not at a 11 office connected with any zip
concerned about the 'shooting code, if the mailer does not
that will follow'. Mr. K. will include his city and state.
deliver all the 50-megaton But they no doubt are returnbombs wherever I want them and ing such letters, marked 'inwhenever I want them. I assume sufficient address ', to disthat you are aware that Russia courage the practice of using
sent arms to help Abe Lincoln." only the zip codes. Having to
-- Herb Blackschleger, "The Il- look up the number in a book
luoinated Scorpion", Sun Val- would slow things down very
ley, Calif. much...And if you saw the size
(ED. NOTE -- It isn't often of that book, you would realize
an American magazine has the it can't be memorized.
opportunity of publishing such "Ripley 's reports of delivan overt manifesto so overtly; ery of sub-cryptic addresses
"Pearl Harbors" are more the were not exaggerated. A number
accepted pattern. However, we of years ago, the postoffice
hereby serve notice that on had a much larger directory
the day you and Mr. K. start service than it has now, and
aiming 50-megaton bombs at us, pride was taken in being able
The ABERREE staff intends to to deliver difficult addresses.
climb on the ghostly shoulders However, for quite a few years,
of Tom Paine and Mark Twain, the postal service has been
and switch off the sun and the squeezed by many factors...and
moon, leaving you guys nothing service has been drastically
but your darkroom-type bulbs cut in many areas, including
by which to aim. Then what'll the directory service." -- Gorhappen to those 12i-acre tracts (ED. NOTE -- The Postoffice,
if your missiles go awry?) like any other agency, suffers
W"0 0 o from a few bad examples -- such
0 ULD like to comment on as it taking three or four
your item about the zip weeks for The ABERREE to go
code of the postoffice on Page from Enid to cities in New
2 of the March issue. York state, or a third-class
"It is quite incorrect that "bulletin" taking six days to
mail with only zip code instead reach Enid from Oklahoma City,,
of the name of the town should 80 miles away. Reputations are
arrive as soon or sooner. Al- gained by the unusual, such as
tho I work in the postoffice, those Ripley spoke of -- which
I'm not an expert of how it's the postoffice is almost dutysupposed to work. Mainly, it bound to maintain, if it's goaims at efficiency and savings ing to brag about them.)
in the area of those who mail 0 0 0
very large amounts at one time. ((WE ALL enjoyed your reportBy use of the zip code and au- ing on your trip, and I an
tomated machinery for address- particularly wondering if you
ing, the mail can be already tucked the Summer into your
sorted when the address is ap- briefcases. I can't seem to
plied to the letter, magazine, find any of it left around here
or whatever. Apparently, the and still don't feel that I
postoffice has convinced many had very much...
large mailers that this will "There really is a quickbe more economical for both ening of interest in Sen. tools
the mailer and the postoffice. as now presented. A chap in
"Of course, this zip-coded from London who had some promail will also have the name cessing over there, and then
of the city and state on it, as encountered some more Scns.
I understand it. Small - time without looking for them in
mailers like you and I will Paris. An Osteopath came for a
still use the name of the city weekend recently -- a return to
and state. Our mail will still the fold after a five-year
be handled by old-time methods, comm. lag. A business man from
sorted by non-automated human North Carolina just returned
beings . from three weeks in Washing"The reason there is so ton, and is all enthused.
much emphasis on our using zip "Scn. has become a stable
code on our few pieces of mail, datum in our society along
even tho they will be sorted with others, of course. There
by hand rather than machinery, is definitely workable data
is because it is necessary to around which to align confusion
get everyone in the habit of or chaos. Those of us who
using zip codes on their let- stayed thru adolescence are
quite encouraged by the results that the teenagers are
producing. Especially those
who do not know the confusions
that we created, experienced,
and lived thru. They come in
right now...
"Once you get an insight
into the why of your past doingness, no technique is needed
to change your doingness. The
insight is a change in itself,
and the observations begin to
roll -- that is the lookingness,
and the postulates begin to
"Oldsters like me easily
recognize by comparison with
others our age the understanding, tolerance of peccadilloes,
an d acceptance that we have
acquired, and are grateful
for this. My ability to administer the Assist is on the increase. Was interested to find
a medico from Australia reporting his findings in his office.
Of course, he has much altitude to begin with.
"Dr.Bidwell liked his meeting with you people. Wishes he
had such people to communicate
with more often. Felt understood. And isn't that about
all there is to living -- wanting to be understood? And how
simpler it would be if we made
ourselves clear in our comms.
"Have been looking at analogies. To make a physical body
we have cell splitting, which
is al so the way bodies of
knowledge are created, and religious bodies, etc. But wisdom
itself, or the truth wouldn't
have splitting in it -- it ''ould
be whole or Holy, wouldn't it?
Partialities and fragments are
our own choices, are they not?"
-- Alberta Elliott, Greenville,
S. Car.
uIS THE peyote article intentionally anonymous? Story
sounds a little thin; pneumonia is implausible. Better ff.,
would have been gastritis or co
circulatory disorder. (ED.
NOTE -- Suggest you take this up
with recorded history, and tell =
those deceased doctors to come
back and correct their errors.)
"R,. E. DAVIS -- It seems to me
now that most of the people
have put themselves out of
life, have broken engagement
with the present scene, and
are not directly but only mediately aware -- before even half a
their life span is gone. To
prepare for death, as you mention
in the auditorial, has pq
some value for these people.
But they don't recognize life
for what it is when they run a)
into it (or it into them), detest it, fear it., strive to
suppress it, consider it dan- E-'
gerous and, in that, are flipping well right.
with an excellent treatment of 14