Volume 10, Issue 4, page 18

as that of any human being, a
dead person is immune to attack. It seems a contradiction
entailing a mixture of the
clinical and pietistic points
of view, to say one does not
hate or condemn someone f o r
actions arising from defects
in their personality structure
and then offer to forgive the
same person if they will repent of these same actions...
The long, consistent record of
wild, biased, and irresponsible statements of hard-core
Hubbardians is, of course, familiar to all of us. This sort
of thing is just as irritating
and no more meaningful tnan
similar statements by political
ultraconservatives and sectarian religious zealots -- both of
which categories Hubbard closely resembles. I personally
know, and can prove, that Synergetics pre-existed Dianetics
and further that the principal
connection between the two
movements was a passing interest in Hubbard's work expressed
by Dr. Coulter in 1950-1951.
It is distressing to be called
'criminal' and 'communist'. I
have also been called both...,
am under the impression that
any and all Americans who do
not agree with everybody and
do exactly as they are told
a r e sooner or later called
'criminal' and 'communist'. A
'criminal' is a person who has
committed an act forbidden by
law. A 'communist' is apparently anyone who is not a fulltime fanatical anti-communist.
This name-calling is another
example of Hubbard's irresponsible output.
"Allow me to bypass the
'deck stacking' reference on
the ground that this involves
bringing up the long-standing ,
extremely bitter feud between
the psychiatric and psychological fields as to which, if
either, snould be allowed to
practice psychotherapy. This
controversy has a significant
emotional loading for me and I
may have unconsciously dealt a
few off the bottom.
"A lie is a statement asserted as true by a person who
believes it is false. I deny
that I asserted Dr. Coulter
believes Synergetics to be a
psychotherapy while denying it
is one. This point hinges on
divergent definitions of psychotherapy. The two definitions
involved here coincide only in
part -- 'to a human with a mental or psychosomatic disorder
so serious that the. patient
cannot solve - '-the problem by
himself alone. To me, psychotherapy means assistance by
anyone and by any means in the
solution of such problems. This

broader definition originated
with the phenomenological ,
client-centered, non-directive
approach to psychological
counseling which is the approach in which I was trained.
It is also the Existential
Analysis point of view. According to the broad definition
of psychotherapy, this class
would include education, parenthood, religious activity,
and helping a friend with a
problem. In summary, by Dr.
Coulter's definition, Synergetics is not a psychotherapy;
by the wider definition I use,
it is. " -- Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle,
Houston, Texas.
"Evidently you have the
Davis 'psychic aura' bit under
control. As to the healing or
diagnosing with magnets, prosecutions and convictions on
this one, for mail fraud and
what-have-you, go back some 50
years. In fact, this goes back
to Mesmer and his healing with
the lodestone until he discovered any non - magnetic rock
worked just as well...
"Would hate to see some socalled psychical healers get
cases such as this one last
week. A 32-year-old gal , USC
grad, specialist in math just
now holding down a tough teaching job, but she is completely
convinced that a prof in USC
has her hypnotized, that he is
raping her with his 'astral
body' two or three times a
week; she got herself institutionalized two years involuntarily over this; got out by
pretending to be sane the way
the stupid institutional psychiatrists want you to be, so
got discharged as 'successfully treated' ; complained to
the F.B.I. who told her it was
a 'personal problem' between
her and the prof; she stopped
in here en route to Berkeley
to murder the prof! Got her
thru a long assessment and now
have her on a personalized tape
with a promise to use it six
months before killing the prof ;
this may get complicated as I
see signs she is already making a transference onto me. You
certainly have to know your
business in electropsychometry.
The prof is of German genetic
stock, she is of Russian
Ukrainian forebears. She gets
demographic teethmarks on her
breasts and elsewhere in
erotic areas when the prof
'psychically' bites her!" --
Volney G. Mathison, 1208 West
30th, Los Angeles, Calif.
"Yes, I have been watching
the little figures to the right
of my name, and I also know
what they mean. And I was far
ahead of you, as I had in mind
sending in my subscription with
a letter telling you that I am
paying 2 months ahead to be
sure to get The ABERREE for
another year, because I couldn't be without it; reading same
is like a fresh, clean wind is
blowing the cobwebs away and
clears the atmosphere.
"I also wanted to tell you
I am grateful to Harold Kinney
in Inglewood, who made me acquainted with The ABERREE.
"Well, that was my intention
to write you, and now you get
the 2 dollars only and without
a nice letter.
"And finally, I wish to ask
you young man: Please do not
rush me in the future, have
mercy with an old man, I am 73 .
I am always good for 2 dollars
as I am very rich for I am in
excellent health without drugstore or hospital. Have not
seen a hospital since 1920 and
for many years a doctor. The
ABERREE clears my mind and
'Clear mind -- sound body . " --
Karl Rezac Sr., 19101 Barrett
Lane, Santa Ana, Calif.
( ED. NOTE -- Ssh-h-h-h. We're
glad The ABERREE can keep the
doctor away, but if word gets
out, we might find ourselves
in trouble with the A.M.A. and
its kite-tail, the Food and
Drug doctors.)
"I do enjoy The ABERREE and
most especially 'Louis'. His
column 'I See for You' is just
real interesting. His keen
sense of humor and ability to
put so much meaning into words
is fabulous...

I wonder how many realize
that the marvelous gift of
seeing takes a lot of responsibility to use it wisely, and
as well as he does." -- Effie
Harrison, Chelan, Wash.
"Veronica should have stated (May issue) that the water
barrel should be exposed to
the full sun, and only the one
part of barrel against the
building; should have a few
inches of breathing space so
that the coldness of the shadow
plus the draft caused by the
air around the barrel was what
caused or formed the moisture
to condense in the container."
-- Vern Sydow, Es$erance, A.P.
"Eureka, I have found 'it'!
And you... I thank for the lead .
I refer to that beautiful summary letter by A. B. Pierson in
the June '63 ABERREE. Your editor's note at the end of that
letter is the key. When physical man can learn to depend
completely on his high-self
(kahuna) or comforter, he will