Volume 10, Issue 4, page 9

another picture of him. Make another one. Now
make a picture of him on this side of the wall.
Now make a picture of him on that side of the
wall." Keep him making pictures, and all of a
sudden he will say, "I can't make another one
likeit." Check him -- see if hecan. If he can't,
you will find that the control the other person
had over him has disappeared with the picture.

This would work very well, for example, on a
young woman who has decided she loves Erman and
can't get him out of her mind, altho for one
reason or another she realizes he doesn't belong there. You don't in such a case tell her to
get him out of her mind. You start her making
pictures of him -- detailed pictures. Soon her
agreement that the unsuitable lover controls
her will be gone, along with the picture.

If you investigate this angle, you will find
a lot of people who have "stuck " pictures of
this sort -- pictures of father or mother or
someone else hanging over them. Simply ask them
to make another picture like that, to keep on
making them, to make some more, make some more,
make some more, until they are free from the
one they don't want.

To get rid of pain -- a headache, for instance
-- ask the individual, "Can you make a picture of
that headache? What shape is it? Make a picture
exactly the same shape as your headache." If
you can keep him duplicating the picture, sooner or later that picture will disappear.

Another one: Somebody tells you he has troubles. Ask him, "Can you get a picture of your
troubles? What do they look like? If you put
them out here on the table, what would you see?"
If he can make such a picture, tell him, "All
right, now make another picture of those troubles. Now make another. Now see if you can make
a better picture of them." His troubles maybe
symbolized by a piece of paper. I remember one
case where a passport was the source of emotional stress, another in which it was citizenship papers. Keep your subject making pictures
of whatever bothers him; keep him duplicating
it as perfectly as he can. If he can move the
picture around, that helps, but it is not necessary.

One method of sharpening any picture which
is only half seen, as, for instance, at the
edges of vision -- any picture you are not quite
able to identify -- is to make a duplicate of it,
and another, and then some more. As it shifts
and changes, keep on making duplicates of the
new version, and sooner or later you will see
the real thing exactly as it is, or else it
will disappear. If it goes away, the bond or
tie which it had on you will be removed.

Duplication is also useful in meditation to
find out where thoughts and pictures come from.
Suppose you sit down to meditate, and your mind
suddenly gets crowded with a flock of stray
thoughts or images, when what you want is complete blankness of mind. Just start duplicating
the stuff that pours in, no matter what it is
or how it comes. Continue to make duplicates of
it. If you make enough, the pictures will stop
coming and you will be able to blank the screen.

Duplication is also a way of meditating on
an object, and of handling people with whom you
want to communicate. You want to hold the object or person in your mind, but it disappears.
Ih this case, just keep putting it back.

After you have done a lot of work on duplication, you will be able to take a good hard
look at something and make it disappear from
your universe in broad daylight if you want it
to, or put it back as you will. Be careful, tho,
that you don't play these games while driving
or doing anything like that.

I might add that the process of duplication
is also very handy for persons who are low in
energy. Sometimes people who are working on
these lessons or similar exercises get too
spread out,or dispersed, and their energy falls
off. The use of duplication is an excellent way
to pull back together. Take any kind of picture
and put it out, duplicate it, put the duplicate
away out in the distance somewhere, and then
pull it in to you. Make thousands and thousands
of these duplicates and keep pulling them in to
you, and you should pick up energy -- you should
pick up a lot of it.

After your creative ability goes up, and your
control of your thought images gets strong, you
discover occasionally that you create an idea
which seems very good and that for awhile you'd
like to see happen; but when you consider the
full aspects of the thing, you decide you don't
want it. You have put intention into this picture, and have put some energy into it, and you
have made your prayer to God, or however you
want to say it. Now how to get rid of it?
The answer is: by duplication. You take the
picture and keep duplicating it, making sure
you have a complete duplicate, and sooner or
later you will blow up the original -- it will

What happens if you see a major accident or
disaster coming and start making duplicates of
it? Well, you can remove it from your own awareness and change your own relationship to it,
but you will not remove the accident from group
consciousness until you are more cause than
simply someone making duplicates of it. The
desire to have that major accident must be removed from group consciousness, and in this
case group consciousness will include all the
various people who are scheduled to be in the
disaster. Ordinarily it is not a good thing to
fool with things like that. Let them go. Arrange to be elsewhere at the scheduled time, If
one of your loved ones is going to be there and
you can get him or her to change the intention
to be there, all right, but otherwise s a y
nothing about it; the race does not need right.
now a lot of modern prophets who can predict
plane and railroad accidents and things like
that. You could undoubtedly make such prophecies if you work with these techniques and
learn them well, but normally it serves no
purpose, as I have explained before, so let it
go except where you might help out given individuals who are willing to he helped without a
lot of detailed explanation.

The best exercise in developing ability to
duplicate, the best way to practice it, is to
sit down by yourself in a quiet place and then
simply duplicate whatever comes to mind, whatever comes within the field of awareness. Keep
this up for, say, 10 minutes. No matter what it
is, make a duplicate of it, with sound, smell,
taste, touch, color, whatever it comprises.
Duplicate it and keen duplicating it. A s it
changes, change your duplicates. If you spend
five or 10 minutes a day on this, your perception of things in the universe should change
rather radically, provided it hasn't already.
(To be continued next issue)

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