Volume 10, Issue 4, page 2

Customers had been notified we'd be out of town, bags
were practically packed, and
we had discarded all doubts
about attending the Borderland
convention in Harmony Grove
when an airmail letter arrived
from a psychic friend warning us : "Please, I beg of you
both -- don't start or make this
trip to California now -- not
this time!"' Adding that we'd
run into all kinds of disappointments. But, being students
of Longfellow's "Courtship of
Miles Standish", we'd learned
early in life that he who putteth his hand to the plow
shouldn't look backwards -- and
altho we have much respect for
this friend's "seeing", within
hours we were "plowing" west,
certain that there'd be more
disappointments if we didn't
make the trip than if we did.
Anyhow, as a final clincher, Ye
Ed had promised Y e Pub she
could learn to drive on this
trip, and she wasn' t going to
be cheated of her lessons, she
said (which, incidentally, was
a promise we didn't keep)..,,
1 It was a wonderful trip
and ditto for the convention,
and the temptation is rife to
abandon all features anr' letters for a detailed report. But
this wouldn't be fair to Riley
and Judy Crabb, sponsors for
the convention, so we'll keep
to the highlights (to us) and
leave the convention itself to
the Crabbs' BSRA JOURNAL. We
know they probably will do a
better job, since they put the
lectures on tape, and can live
over all four exciting days
anytime they wish to thread up
the recorder. Besides, since
they live in Vista, it's easy
for them to personally contact
the many who seem to have so
much to offer...