Volume 10, Issue 4, page 19

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have faultless communication
with reality, in and beyond
this physical world. In retrospection, it is interesting to
note how many hundreds o f
'ways' I have seen this and
yet not heeded. Detachment is
true consent. Observe carefully the esoteric relation of
two words, (1) recondite, and
(2) recondition (to re-educate
(individuals), to change (emotional habits, attitudes, etc.)
There is an important tie
here." -- B. L. Harris, 16738
27th, S.W., Seattle, Wash.
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"I can't be without ABERREE
for thought-provoking sense...
"The biggest difference between people is this: One person believes differently than
another would! Personally, I 'm
for New Age thought. It is
reasonable to say we may all
have come from Mars -- that is,
having lived the necessary
lives on mars before we graduated from there to come to the
earth. It takes each one of us
so many lives, over 100 I expect, to develop spiritually
enough to graduate from the
planet earth so we can then
live on Venus. Surely it is a
greater God that loves us thru
many lives than only one puny
little life. Yes, I believe in
reincarnation and karma.. After
having a good life this time,
we might be born in a palace
next time, or if we live wickedly because we live amongst
wicked people not being any
influence for good, we would
have to live in a cold climate
and struggle f o r existence
next time. So it behooves each
to be worthy of better before
they can receive it.
"In our personal lives we
live it is most important to
have God uppermost. Never to
reject the Lord. There is no
truer truth -- in Him we live
and move and have our being."
-- Amelia Jacobsen, Rt. 4, Box
58, Wau4aca, Wis.
''Enjoyed the article very
much in last ABERREE (June)
about Susie Jessel, a very fine
woman and wonderful work that
she does.
"Am well acquainted with
the mirk since my husband and
daughter do the same thing,
only ours is done by appointment only so no long waiting
periods and try to hold to day
appointments, the working people only get evening treatment. This type treatment is
truly a wonderful God-given
thing." -- Mrs. Robert H. Johnson, Rt. 1, Box 158, Tamhill,
"The humanoid creature may
live the simple animal life.

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or delve into the infinitely
complex and learn nothing.
"In the final analysis, an
atom particle can be either a
particle or wave-length .
"Thus we dangle ; but if one
is the determined believer
type, then a light state of
hypnosis is in evidence.
"Now comes a belief that
Satan is the true God and Jehovah is that old boy in
sheep's clothing. Well, let's
give it the same consideration
as other beliefs. How are we
to know?
"Fifty years ago a certain
honest researcher by the name
of Charles Darwin was preached
into league with the Devil. We
don't hear so much about the
old Devil nowdays. Has he taken
over or faded out?
"Instead of taking a comfortable seat on the fence, why
don't we take another look at
the old sun cult -- something
real to see and feel?" -- A.B.
Pierson, Selma, Calif.

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