Volume 10, Issue 4, page 7

evolutionary right, as a reward for self-accomplishment, or as a result of mental discipline and the effect of daily applying the
natural evolving laws of nature.

Use of the sacred mushroom and other forms
of chemical adjuncts produces more effects than
are immediately discernible. What becomes of
the distinctiveness of character, both mental
and physical, after a few years using these
drugs? Where is the strength of mind and the
power of control centered -- in the person, or
is it under the chemical domination of these
adjuncts? The answer is self-evident, for the
person is not in a positive state of control
of himself and is not directing his sense organisms and receptive centers. He has merely
stupefied the conscious-awareness department
so that the dream world and the great subjective side of life may be more discernible.

Outstanding demonstrations have been made
thruout ages using these chemicals. Unusual
and exciting demonstrations are being made today by the same methods. It is stirring up
quite a bit of comment in certain areas of the
United States an d Europe. It seems to be a
popular wave that is gaining momentum and it
historically exists hand-in-glove with the use
of hypnosis in a culture. What good, as far as
evolving the individual entity, comes from
such stimulative adjuncts that actually depress the conscious- awareness faculty of a
inviolable and preciousness of the individuality, and are you going to maintain that individuality consciously, purposefully; evolutionarily, thus raising your specific gravity
by your own mental discipline? Or are you going
to lower this human individuality, lower it to
the depths of non-human chemicals in order to
temporarily stimulate a keenness of your sense
centers? Think carefully before casting the die.

In summary, let me make it plain that the
opening of the sense organisms of your individualness comes as a reward which you could
not stop even if you wanted. It comes as a reward for self-accomplishment thru mental discipline and follows automatically. But when
you drop yourself to the level of inorganic or
organic matter and use these external items,
then you are trying to fake mental discipline
and you are tearing down your conscious-awareness. Thus you lower and devolute that entity
which is the you, ana you pay the price for
that devolution. Would it not be far better to
earn the right by the practice of mental discipline (even if it takes years) than to be
partly numbed and under the influence and control of an outside substance?
The difference is very clear. One is selfdevelopment, self-evolution. The other is an
attempt to get something for nothing by devoluting and lowering yourself so that you become a slave, temporarily at least, to a kingdom of life below that of human. You might
just as well take to the bottle and hallucinations. You would be in the same category, altho not as acceptable to those who dabble in
pseudo-metaphysical activity today.

You must decide your evolutionary pathway.
Are you going to evolute, raise your specific
gravity by your own mental discipline, or are
you going to drop into a layer of existence
dependent on organic and inorganic substances
that temporarily make your sense organisms
more sensitive?
To state it another way, you must decide in
regard to communication whether you are going
to use the P. R. circuitry, and thus evolve
thru mental discipline, or whether you are going to use the N. R. circuitry and deteriorate
your individuality. Your decision is vital and
far-reaching ! , --
you willing to drop existing concepts if they
are contrary to what you feel to be true? Are
you engaged in some meaningful activity? Or ,
are you bored and misdirected? Why not get involved with some worthwhile project? Why not run
a study group, support a truth movement place
worthwhile books in libraries, write letters
to editors when you see a worthwhile article in
a paper or magazine? Contribute to this rolling
panorama of life. Get involved -- and at the same
time, remain divinely detached.

In truth, all forms are transitory. They
will change. The sole reality is the cause of
the appearance world. Our goal should be to
catch this realization and then will our fulfillment be complete.
Other questions often asked are: 'Is not
good accomplished by this form of opening up
the sensitivity? Has not this method produced
benefit to many persons? Have not lives been
improved? Have not partial hallucinations and
psychosomatic illnesses been wiped out by those
who have used the sacred mushroom, peyote, and
other cactus extracts? How can you say this
method is in error when it is certainly obvious that great good has been done when these
methods have been used?'
Here we come to a very important point. Do
you subscribe to the theory that the means is
justified by the ends? Do you believe that as
long as some outward good appears to be gained
or accomplished, it is not important as to
the means of accomplishing it? If that be your
conception of what is right, what is evolutionary, then I am personally sorry. It is
hoped that you have reached a plateau of think- ROY EUGENE DAVIS (CONTINUED
ing where the means (the methodology you use) FROM PAGE 5)
is the important thing. In other words, if
something is wrong on Tuesday and Thursday,
then it's wrong on all other days of the week .
If the application of domination of another is
good sometimes, but is to be abhorred other
times, then there is something illogical ,
something about it that is anti-natural that
is violating nature, because nature is always
consistent. No matter what the apparent good
in your judgment or in my judgment may be, to
set ourselves up as judge and jury and to dictate, to dominate, to control another or others
for the accomplishment of a goal which we have
decided is to their benefit, is certainly a
direct violation of everything that we can see,
study, or experiment with in nature.

Under nature and natural law, each entity
on the level of human intelligence must work
out, to the degree of his mental expression,
his own salvation -- meaning to seek their own
way back from whence they came.

The struggle for "selfness", for individuality, is at the very root of everyone's being. You must make a definite choice, if you
desire to delve into the realm of metaphysical
development. Are you going to adhere to the