Volume 10, Issue 4, page 13

Father Zer
Takes a
Gander at
This little pig went to market,
This little pig stayed home,
This little pig had roast beef,
This little pig had none,
This little pig cried "Wee, wee, wee!"
All the way home.
point. The grand surprise of the prize is that
in the zero point of end-beginning there is
nothing for him to have and hold.

Instead of returning immaculately, this
little pig also went all the way, and the only
way to go all the way home to the zero home
plate of death serving a conception is to take
in strange bedfellows, things foreign to one's
own activity. "Wee, wee, wee! " is the wee zero
end that one is conditioned to die thru, in
order to grasp that wee bit of sensed life,
which if one wins, he loses his helical immortality and also the sensed life, the straight
line fallout therefrom.

To pig is to litter or bring forth in the
manner of pigs, to act and live like pigs. A
pig is a greedy person who eats up and messes
all in one. Pig iron is such a mass, such an
easily-melted mould. A pig is one who is so
stupidly obstinate and perverse as not to see
and change the error of his ways and escape
his earthly pigpen and the pigskin he lives
in. A pigeon is one easily swindled out of his
immediate birthright and purity in color. He
exchanges it for the pigmentation stained in
red blood. A pigmy is someone diminutive in
"Wee"is the root of "weed" that is something weeded out, and also of "week " that is
the weakness of being a full week ending and
starting another. "Weel" is the so-called
good looks of objective bornings. "Weep "are
the tears one sheds when his goal is reached.
" Weet " is the wit it takes to kill one's eternal heliocentricity and convert it to deadly
radiations. Death is not natural but an artfully built-up job.

HE MARKET is a central location where finished products are brought in and sold out.
A market is the place that marks the spot
where Mother Nature's reactive heliocentric spiral is finished and begun again as
straight line radiations. The end of the
journey in and the beginning of the journey
out are one and the same point, the dichotomy
of another death and conception.

As long as Mother Nature is a clean reaction, putting back in place the divided pieces
of her own previous action only, then she is
an unending spiral. Her helical coils never
reach the market place and never get sold down
the river of another cycle of life. Her end is
truncated. If she elects to take herself to
market, she has to buoy and buy herself up
with extra sensory things and force her open
coils tobe shorted full circle in another masculine point of gandering generation. Only by
some artificiality can she build up an erupting
center, a market place, and exchange her immortal helical life line for flashy, deadly

A pig is the female of the species, the ingathering kind that eats all up. To be little By Dr. KARL KRIDLER
is to belittle oneself in the littleness of
another zero end-beginning. In the purity of (4) THE UNKNOWABLE REALITY
Mother Nature's perpetual spiral, there is no HE MYSTERIOUS Power that performs creative
"this", no moment of inertia that one can say, action is the real problem remaining un"This is it". "This" can be said only of her solved. Theology calls it God, but cannot
dead end where the hand of death is not stayed. analyze God, and simply bypasses the probHere, like the market place, is also where lem without any further solution. Science
generations start and stop. This little pig calls it blind, non-intelligent, mechaniand the first little pig and all the little cal energy, and regards that as final. Dr.
pigs to follow are one and the same little pig, Alexis Carrel, one of the truly great scienone and the same little entity, living in the tists of modern times, does not agree, regardsame place, in the usual hyphenated existence ing that Power as an Unknowable Reality. He
of dyings and bornings. The roast beef that said, in "Man the Unknown": "Man is made up
this little pig had was his own hot flesh and of a procession of phantoms, in the midst of
blood, roasted in the process of a burning which strides an Unknowable Reality".
borning in the heliocentric solar center. Nothing in that statement tells us what man
The same little pig, at the same time, had actually is. The same philosophy applies to
none; that is, none of her immortal heliocen- every living thing, to every plant and animal.
tric life in the zero end. only the nothing- Science recognizes the existence of this Unness of death, objectively and actively born- knowable Reality, but quickly bypasses it in
ing. Once out in a course of action a little all discussions. Not even Carrel dared pause
pig's only recourse is another reaction, so of at that point and make a definite attempt to
the prize of creation he sought and won he al- analyze this Unknowable Reality. He did inso has none. It can only suffer to return home elude this edifying admission:
in another clean, never-ending helix, never to "Our knowledge of the human body is. in
die again. "Wee, wee, wee!" all three are his truth, most rudimentary. In fact, our ignor" I" and his parental pair, his last pair of ante is profound. Most of the questions put to
helical coils, the two-in-one, doing a grand themselves by those (scientists) who study
finale and falling from their helical heights human beings remain without answer. Immense
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