Volume 10, Issue 4, page 12

Mills Ward. 36-page booklet,
752, pub. by Ward Cheering and
Healing Service, Metropolis,

If enough writers get the
idea across that our thinking is responsible for bodily
conditions, maybe such "scare
babies" who sell cancer, heart
disease, polio, sin, and "Hell"
via every available means will
be left impotently wagging
their jaws -- and we can settle
down to advancing ourselves
instead of reacting to the negative implants being sold to
us by radio, T- V, newspapers,
and low-toned magazines.

For example, Miss Ward says :
" Mind-conditioning is fundamental in action. Medicine is
a monopoly of the few, but
mind-conditioning is for all.
Why should you have your aches
and pains 'dressed up'with
Latin names you do not understand? Even the simple, natural process of cell-division
is called karyokinesis.
"Can you picture the effect
on many gullible people should
they be given this perfectly
truthful descriptive diagnosis
in a solemnly threatening tone
of voice? If they were told it
was actively working thruout
their bodies, many would report strange symptoms and dose
themselves with whatever was
Doesn't this sound a bit
like the bromides you hear
every time you turn your radio
on -- "See your doctor ; fight
cancer with a checkup and a
check." "Give -- to stamp out
polio (tuberculosis, heart disease, or whatever)." Most know
that it is the check they are
fishing for -- the disease they
cause is only a by-product.

She adds -- "Popular evangelism is no less a threat to
the discerning man or woman,
who may discredit Christianity
because of the seeming child's
play that i;, resorted to in
the mere signing of a card so
they may receive 'forgiveness
of sins and go to heaven'. " Of
course, here again we have the
money motive, because a person
frightened of his future is
more willing to p ay bigger
"fire insurance" premiums.
"Mind-Conditioning" is a
small booklet -- but it doesn't
take a tome of long, intricate
words to give the basic facts.
Anything more is mere windowdressing. .T rah. Mika
* * *
NEW DIMENSIONS -- Di-monthly
magazine edited in London,
pub.at 100 S. Wabash, St.Paul,
Minn. 502 a copy.

Latest magazine in the raystical Held to reach our atten
tion is the 64-page copy of NEW
DIMENSIONS, edited in England
and printed by Llewellyn Publications in St. Paul, Minn .

In the introductory editorial by BasilWilby, its editor,
the purpose of NEW DIMENSIONS
is "to take the mystery out of
magic, the superstition out of
psychism, and the pretentiousness out of occultism. " This
is quite a promise -- and it will
be interesting to see how well
these ilitentions are carried
out -- yet retain the support of
all mystical and occult schools
which have been invited to
submit material. Few of these
"schools" wish to be unveiled
for what they are -- because behind mystery, superstition,
and pretentiousness they can
operate more profitably.

The first issue -- April/May,
1963, contains articles by W.
E. Butler, Gareth Knight, Patricia Crowther, Margaret Lumley-Brown, David Williams,
Margaret Bruce, Dion Fortune,
Marc Edmund Jones, and Harold
Morland. A strong astrological
tone covers everything, which
is natural since the Llewellyn
firm is primarily interested
in astrological books and study
courses. However, there are
enough of the other "way out"
subjects covered that one need
not be astrologically inclined
to enjoy NEW DIMENSIONS -- if he
likes magazines of this nature.
-- A. H .

persons to contribute to The
ABERREE -- and it was a slap on
the wrist we richly deserved.
We had been assuming too much.
So , we hereby wish to correct
the omission. The columns of
The ABERREE (to the limits of
our space) are wide open to
contributors who have something
they sincerely feel needs saying. We don't care whether we
agree with it or not -- some of
the stuff we print now has no
editorial blessing -- but we
have our own two pages, and
the remainder of the magazine
belongs to the readers and
contributors. This month, however, we think we've greatly
exceeded our space allowance --
but we got carried away. Thank
you for listening -- if you're
still with us...
1 In some of his advertising literature, Albert Roy Davis of Green Cove Springs, Fla . ,
disagrees with Ye Ed who disagreed with Albert Roy that
his special pen would do any
better "spirit writing" than
any other writing equipment,
obtainable for a fraction of
what this special "spirit pen"
is being priced at. And Jacob
and Rose Apsel , of Milwa ee ,
who have had some experience
in this sort of so-called phenomena, supported Ye Ed's contention by sending us some
"spirit writing" done with the
burned end of a match. In fact ,
he sent along t h e match as
some kind of supporting evidence...