Volume 8, Issue 2, page 14

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"Orchids (We don't have any, but will have some Indian paintbrush
later on -- they're pretty flowers) to Muriel
Griebe. More truth than poetry in her 'negative thinking'.
(Wonder if I could qualify for a 'D.A.'?)

"About the cover--what is the good Satan up to? Did somebody
leave him to stew in his own juice, or is he just
telling someone to 'Come on in, the water 's f i n e' . "" - -
Stan I ey Clason, Basin, Mont.

"Jacob Apsel, on Page 15 of the March ABERREE, referring to the
Rosicrucians and quoting his so-called
authorities, places the first mention of the Rosicrucians in
1614. Assuming that that was the date of their
origination, that would be only 347 years ago--a difference of
3153 years between that andthe 3500 years ago I

"I am not interested enough nor do Ihave the time to enter into a
lengthy discussion and search thru many books
to find which one of us is actually right or that maybe both of
us are wrong. Volney Mathison seems to consider
himself an authority on this subject. Maybe he would consent to
inform us.

"However. it has never been my impression or informatlon that th
e Rosicrucians have paraded under that
particular name from the time of their origination and on down
thru the centuries. In fact, I think they themselves
refer to their ancient organization as The Great White
Brotherhood, but for myself, I hesitate to use that term for the
true Great White Brotherhood is an Angelic Hierarchy that
encompasses not only this solar system but the entire

"In their own literature they state they originated

3500 years ago and that they have a written history of 3000
years. As I see it, they should know more about
themselves than dictionaries and encyclopedias ...

"My thanks to Volney mathison for mentioning my reference to his
price tag, which he says that even at an in-
creased rate, will be trivial compared to the cost of psychiatry
and psychoanalysis. That brings me back to Jacob
Apsel. 'The church and not Russia invented brainwashing'. After
this isaccomplished thru childhood --'They are so
conditioned that original thinking is almost entirely absent

I say that applies not only ;othe church but to the whol e 20th
Century system. As I said before, if you think,
you're aberrated, and some thinkers have become so entirely at
crosspurposes withtheir associates thatthey havebeen
confined to a mental institution.

"So to Volney Mathison I say that psychiatry and ;sychoanalysis
an d perhaps even his 'personalized recording
methodology' are for people who can't or won't think for
themselves... However, truth is free. Under our present
monetary system, it becomes nec~ssary to make a charge that wi II
cover the expense of the traffic, but when this
charge becomes Preposterous, it means there is agimmick somewhere
... I am not accusing Mr. Mathison of
anything like this but his Promise of an increase inprice touched
off a hidden phobia of mine and brought this tirade
on. Perhaps if I would submit to his 'personalized recording
methodology', he could rid me of things like that."--
Russell F. Jones, Ramona, Calif.

"in the March, 1961, issue, you referred to an article by
Franklin Sullivan that appeared in his publication The
SECOND TERMINAL. The auditor referred to in that article was me.
Now, in y o u r April issue of
ABERREE, I see that our HCO Sec. has taken it upon herself to
answer your Auditorial. Since I am the one who
has left Scientology as an organization, I am the one who knows
exactly why.

"My quarrel with the organization came about with the
establishment of HCO Secretaries. I was not alone in the
quarrel. Many were accused of being 'low toned' and unable to
accept control. I looked upon the HCO set-up as a
'police-action'. I formerly lived in Tucson and moved to Denver
about 18 months ago. In both of these cities, the
purpose of


the HCO was defeated by the tactics of the appointed secretary...

"I have been told that I need to be run on 'help'. I need to have
my O/W's run, I need to take another course, etc. I
have had HCA training, took the 20th ACC and an HCS course. I
have been audited on all of the things I have been
told I needed to be run on . The auditing was done by very
reputable people in the field. Additionally I have spent
$60 on an overseas call in an effort to straighten outmy problems
with the Organization. Al I my efforts have been
met with silence, not only from HCO St. Hill, but from L. Ron
Hubbard too. I have beentold that Ron refused to
discuss me because I had 'withheld 10 percent from him for ages'.
The truth is that from Oct. 1959 to July 1960,
1 sent approximately $2,000 in 10 percent as royalties. This was
from auditing, courses, and the sale of E-meters.
All checks I sent were accepted and cancelled. My books are kept
by a C.P.A. in the Denver area. Does this sound
like I had withheld any royalties?

"In July of last year, things had reached a ridiculous state, and
I had little desire for any more communication
from the local HCO Sec. or HCO St. Hill. It was at that time I
decided to get out of the organization ...

"many people in the field of Scientology have been in touch with
me. Several have freely givenme the latest data
and 'bulletins'. On the whole. there is a general belief that
just because I have been disenfranchised. this in nowise
cuts down on my ability or knowingness. I am still making a
living and supporting myself and family from
auditing fees. I intend to continue to do so. Some will say this
is unethical. in fact, I have been called unethical
because I have lectured on Scientology without stating that it
was Scientology. I have never considered basic truths
as being Scientology, or exclusively discovered by Dr. Hubbard. I
have found 'Scientology' in many philosophies.
all the way from the Bible to 'Life and Teachings of the Masters
of the Far East'. I suppose it is also unethical to
use any of the material found to be truth without applying the
name or giving due credit of the author. What I know
is mine because I have made it mine thru application.

"People leave Scientology