Volume 8, Issue 2, page 18

"For the last several weeks I have been planning, altho I am
still busy finishing up the binding of my books
('Literary Virtuosities'), to get out another issue of my SANS
SOUCI QUILL. For the lead article. I had intended to
write about the very thing, which you very cleverly wrote up in
your editorial. To write the article now would
smack of plagiarism. I do not know what your policy is with
regards to reprinting anything which you publish in
your ABERREE, but I would just love to reprint your editorial."
--Anton Bohn, Denver,

Co 1?h. NOTE - We'd be flattered to have you reprint from The
ABERREE. We don't copyright The ABERREE,
because we wr i te to be READ, not bowed to. We know a "writer"
who copyrights everything Put out in his name,
even mimeographed advertising. At least, he puts a copyright
notice on each and every pTece. Some copyright
from conceit, certain half the wo*rld is hovering, buzzardlike,
over their typewriters, hoping to steal their "literary
gTs"-which is also an admission of limited creative ability -
they have to protect themselves against the day "the
well goes dry".)

"Enjoyed very much article by Infinite 20. Have asked a couple
people to read it aloud . and so have enjoyed it
even more. I wonder if anyone not familiarwith Scientology could
follow its jargon

*4 Your sin-thesis well done. From my Present understanding it is
the synthesis of others' implants that prevents
us from blooming naturally from our own soul, or seed. I
encountered this experiencein Subud, that we are full of
graftings which produce strange fruit, and this was because we
were not willing to wait for our own flowering. We
preferred what others produced, so allowed graftings ....

"Lowana Julaine is so right. as far as she goes. I want to
testify to what she says: In the Spring of 1929, while
moving from Maine to New York city, I s t o p ped at a
hairdresser in Connecticut to pretty myself up for my new
assignment. I was to apprentice to a man-stylist. My car was full
of lamps. rugs, books, bags. etc.. so the operator
said: 'You look like you're moving.'

go, I am.' I replied enthusiastically.

go;"Where are you going?' she in between a splash of soapsuds and

*"I am going to New York and carve out a career,# 1 replied.

"'What kind of a career?' she asked.

"Not knowing what my work would be, I facetiously answered, 'ON
I'm going to marry a Wall Street broker and
live on Park Avenue.' I was no glamor girl at this time, and had
turned 30, so it was the wildest thing I could

"That I forgot having pictured this goes without saying; It came
about four years later, and I was not reminded of
it until I moved to Connecticut and went into the same shop.

"And now, the other side of the same coin:

"A young man. first pre-clears, ple-selerozis. the case, the out:

"When he was superficially wounded in Europe during the war, he
said to himself, 'This is the million dollar
wound. Now I won't have to fight any more: or something quite Sim
ilar. Later, his father told me that before going
to war, the boy told him that he was Petrified, and hoped he
could be wounded. Not seriously, but just a superficial
wound in the leg.

"'Oddest thing,,' reported his father, , but he was wounded just
where he told me he would be willing to be, and
tho it was a superficial wound

he stayed on crutches unti~ the end of the war.' Of course ' the
father did not put it in exactly this concise language,
nor infer anything Psychological.

"So, isn't any real engram something you wished for and
completely forgot. and itcomes to pass again and

"As long as I'm writing a
booklet to you this morning, I
would like to suggest that in
this 20th Century, are we not
thru T-V and radio, restimu-
'lating every engram in human-
ity's bank? We humans are
jerking, crying. screaming
just like we used to do on the
Dianetic couch while running
engrams. Juvenile delinquency' ' )
We shouldn't be surprised.
poor kids don't know what is
happening to them. They are
having their engrams run in
the worst way.

"What a day we are living in. Most thrillingl Light is filtering
thru daily, and tolerance for light."--Alberta
91liott. Greenville, I. Car.

"In one of my meditative moods, and afterwards a fast glimpse in
Genesis. I have


one of my had multiOn getting into tollowing came

come upon an idea nobody has seemed to put forth so far in this
controversy over Morris Katzen's teachings. Iwrote
him about it, too, so he can think it over and investigate. He is
right to a great extent, I think. But he overlooks the
fact that women from an early age and a period of 20 years or
more lose anamount of blood every month in
menstruation, unless they have conceived with child. This blood
is notold or useless blood--it is good blood. My
husband also tells me there is an involuntary loss of semen or
sexual fluid every so often in men. If this were
retained and transmuted by the body into blood, it would no doubt
be enough to cure any ills of the body, including
psychoses. This also would be true of women.

"In referring to the Bible, in Genesis it says Eve was tempted by
the serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit in the
Garden of Eden. In spite of the fact that God warned her she
would die if she ate of it-, she believed the serpent and
ate anyway, and gave some to Adam. There must have been some
chemical or something in this fruit to cause Eve
to menstruate and Adam to lose vitality, seems to me. Anyway,
before Eve ate of the fruit, there must have been
childbearing without loss of blood, because after she ate, God
said, 'I shall greatly multiply your pain in
childbearing, and in pain ye shall bring forth children'.
Evidently there was no pain in childbirth before the fruit was

"Adam, the name meaning
$Red Earth', means he was
formed on Mars (the red Plan-
et), and Eve were driven f rom
Mars and put on this earth.
The Garden of Eden therefore
was probably on Mars. Nows this
seems to me there was not just
one man Adam and one woman Eve .
There were many Adams and Eves .
for it also says in Genesis.
'Let US make man in OUR image'.
This makes me think God had
helpers--other Gods creating
men and women. Some created
the black race, so they dropped
them off in Africa. Some creat-
ed the yellow race and drop-
ped them of f in China (from
space ships, of course) .... The
white race, of course, was
dropped off in the more north-
erly parts of earth. Well,
anyway... now all we have to do
is eat of the fruit of the
tree of life. But before we
can do that. in order to live
forever (by stopping these
monthly losses of blood and
sexual fluidl, we will have to
devise a way to get to the
MAY, 1961