Volume 8, Issue 2, page 12



EW DATES stick in my mind, but Aug. 7 1953
I sudden,

does because on that day ly an
quite unexpectedly acquired the ability
permanently to make an Ouija board work
and to have a pen write messages to me
without my control. While I've never re-
ceived any earth-shaking messages, and never
even try to get what might be helpful informa-
tion from spirits --either factual information
or advice--I have had as much adventure out of
this intellectual pursuit as thru any physical
effort. such as trips to dig for buried treasure .

After reading many books on psychic phenomena, I often tried
sitting quietly alone in
candlelight, in darkness, and in despair, to no avail. I knew
many are born with this sort of
gift, and that others like myself might struggle for years and
get nowhere.

After coming to know a medium, I saw her do automatic writing
that was mixed up, some
words upside down and some lines backwards so one had to use a
mirror to read it. Auto-
writing seemed remote from my grasp, and I s topped trying.
Perhaps many who read this have
gone thru similar trials.

From my experience, I have come to believe there are two methods
that make for success: 1.
Have a person who can make automatic writing or Ouija board work
touch the back of your hand
while you trY. I think something is passed along by such physical
contact and I've helped
others by doing this for them; 2. Make the attempt with the Ouija
board or pen at a time when
in real need of spiritual guidance and information obtained will
be of signif1cant help

Ii normally you just don't give two hoots about spirits, seldom
read books and magazines
in the field of life after physical death (like FATE, EXPLORING
OBSERVER. TOMORROW), and have little curiosity about the next
life we all have to live, then
you can't expect to have a spirit entity come in and gossip with
you. Likewise, if you have a
burning curiosity about them and how they live and feel
abouttheir world--knowing you're
going to be in the same boat some day --then you are likely to
draw spirit -beings to you and
will ask intelligent questions. I know people who can get
messages but find it uninteresting
because, Ithilik, they ask such inane questionsas, "What would
you like to tell me?"

I had been warned that communication with spirits is highly
dangerous, leading to possible
obsession, to receiving false advice or information. to
stimulation of the physical senses to
immoderation, and sometimes to insanity. I chose to go ahead and
see what would happen,
confident I could control the situation. I could write another
article--but won't --on what

Getting back to that August day when I first could communicate, I
was in our lab working
on a complicated chemical formula--trying to make nitroglycerine
and then change it to become
water-soluble--and was stymied after many days of spare-time
experimentation. The medium I

come to know well visited me in the lab this day to help.
Unfortunately, she had a severe
cold and couldn't get any spirit information. She suggested I get
out my Ouija board (which
doesn It work for her; she normally gets a voice that does not
emanate from her body). She
asked me to try it, but it didn't move. Then she touched her
fingers to the back of my hand
and the pointer started spelling out words easily.

I tried the suggestion made, like "Use 3 more cc's of sulphuric
acid before nitrating",
but the gunk still wasn't soluble. We asked for more advice and
got it, but it ended up
with,"Add two shakes of cigaret ashes" to reveal that this was an
imposter having fun with
us. The medium suggested imposters were less likely to come thru
by writing, and had me sit
with pen in hand while her fingers again touched the back of my
hand. The pen started moving
of its own accord, and felt much like it would with a magnet
below itpulling it around - It
gave advice which W~e tried without success.

That evening, when alone, I tried both methods and found they
worked rapidly and
forcefully. As for the formula, I gave up soon afterwards.

I had read many books about what happens when we kick off for
"upstairs", and soon found
myself eager to write with sipirit-people, each evening. I found
them just like people about
us daily -- interested in talking about themselves, their way of
life, how they diedusually
Korean war veterans cime in at this time in 1953--and bow they
felt. None ever said he or she
wanted to live on this plane again. it's too much easier and more
enjoyable there than here.

As I discussed auto-writing with friends, some wanted to try it.
most of them found the
pen moved when I touched their hand. one day, a neighbor boy of
seven dropped in to look at
some ore specimens, then wanted to sit at the desk in the swivel
chair. I let him pretend to
be a "big shot", and he finally took the desk pen and sat a
moment as if to write. To his
amazement, the pen started writing when, without explanation, I
asked hmm to let me touch his
hand. As rapidly as if he were much older, the writing said: "You
are a fine boy in school
and a good student. K e e p i t u p. " When i t stopped, the boy
read it out loud slowly.
then looked at me with wide eyes: "I didn't write that! who did?"

it is seldom I help anyone develop this ability because of some
experiences. I had met a
young Irishman, Jim, during Red Cross days . at an airforce base
in Edmonton. After his
training there he went to Germany and wound up marrying a German
girl--one who had been in an
officers' rest camp where Hitler was getting a head start on
breeding the new race of
mastermen. After the war, Jim moved to home at Dublin, then to
Australia, and next to
Winnipegt from where he was finally and eagerly able to visit me
and show off his wife.

Nearby I found a small cabin for transients ,
vacant only because the last person had swiped
all the linens and silver. It was after sev-
eral days had passed that during one evening,
they asked about trying automatic writing. For
Jim, it didn't move, but when she tried it and
I touched her hand. she was unable to control
the torrent of force pouring out thru her hand
in big scrawls and circles. I stopped her and
talked quietly to the spirits present, asking
them to get rid of the one who was trying to
write, and to let some calmer person come in.
The next try was by another. if not the same .


'MAY, 1961