Volume 8, Issue 2, page 4



N SOME of the temples of India, there are colored figures and
symbols and man is portrayed as radiating colors.
This played an important part in the occult history of that
nation - but there is no record left telling of the meaning
of those vibrations. Only students of mysticism can read in those
colors the occult truth.

To the occultist, the primary colors mean the basic vibrations
that appeared at the beginning of time and
manifest on all planes of nature. Vibration is the source of form
and color; and man

being an individualized manifestation o; nature, must have his
form and color. The subjective and the objective
minds of man were united and interblended, and ensouled the
physical man.

These two united minds not only fill the interstices of the
physical body and hold together all the physical
molecules and keep them in place, but also extend beyond an d
around the body to the distance of several inches.

A magnetic force, called the "Life Principle", flows into all
forms where there is a constant pushing out of old
atoms, and an inflow of new. This passing in and out of the life
force makes a fluidic sphere around each man and
everything else, including minerals. In electricity, this fluidic
sphere is termed the electric field; in the sun, the
photosphere; around a magnet, it is called the magnetic field, or
field of attraction.

Baron Karl von Reichenback, thru sensitives, rediscovered this
magnetic field and called it "od" or "odic" force.
Iiis discovery is confirmed by clairvoyants and seers, who see a
light, or color, around each person, animal, tree,
flower, etc. This I aw of physics says that notwo masses can
approach each other without being mutually affected,
because there is an attraction and repulsion due to the flow of
this life force and the exchange of atoms which is
constantly taking place between them

In man, we have the lifd force that builds and the thought force
which is constantly man: ifesting, and by its
vibratory flow, is modifying the life force.

Everyone radiates from himself the physical atoms which he has
used and which have lost their vibration; also
the flner forms of matter which go out with his thought force.
There is a continuous stream flowing from one

ual to another. leaving its impress upon every: thing the person
thinks ortouches. A sensitive coming in contact
with a part of the outflow from another can read h is character,
etc. This gift is called psychometry.

The occultist says that in most people this radiation extends
from two to six inches from the body, but as man
develops in thought,

4 -The Al

power, and capacity to draw into himself cosmic forces, his
radiations expand until they may extend from six inches
to several feet outward.

If one is at all sensitive, he can feel distinctly the auras of
those with whom he comes in contact, and this aura is
the main cause of one's sudden likes and dislikes for those whom
he meets.

If you keep a distance of from three to four feet from another,
you will not feel so plainly his vibratory force.
This aura also accounts for vampirization. There are human
sponges who maintain their own lives by drawing
magnetic force orlife from others. To save yourself from being
demagnetized by others, spend much of your time
alone, if possible. Declare positiveness for yourself and keep
your mind on your own magnetism.

You can save yourself considerably by letting your feet touch
each other and clasping your hands together lightly
when you are sitting near others. This is a wayof closing your
circuit and preventing your magnetism from flowing

All vibration is the direct or indirect result of thought.
Telepathyis vibratory thought force sent out from the
mind of one to anoth~r. If your thought is definite 'and intense,
its vibration will proceed according to its own
intensity, providing your thought is clear and distinct.

There are disks so delicately sensitized that they can register
the vibrations of a human coming in contact with

The intensity of the thought determines the size of the aura, and
the quality of the thought determines its color.

According to occultism, red, orange, green, blue, axfd yellow are
the primary colors, and can be seen and
known upon the inner planes of being, according to one's

The inner, or real man, the soul, has a color distinctly its own,
as has the outside man. one's color vibration is
determined by his quality of thought and character development.

The life force, which built man's physical form and all physical
forms, manifests as the orange vibration.
On the subjective side, this force which vibrates toorange is
sweeping into everything, and
giving life and vitality to all forms. All physical bodies have
this vital life force
manifesting in then according to the capacity of each to express
it. you do not see the
orange force peramting the invalid to the same extent that it
does an athlete, because the
invalid cannot express it so well.



Going soaeuhere, xy little friendF SO you.'re going to find the
rainbow's end. I thought I found it a time or two;
Know what I found? I friend like you.

No, I didn't say it couldn't be found. Stands to reason it's
somewhere a-round. Oh, yes, one day 1, too, teas told
The rainbow-end held a Pot of gold.

When I got there, it was always gone., Yet I still found
something to call xy own. What did I find? What did I
do? Found a drean, or a friend like you.

So you're going to see what can be seen, Going to go to pastures
green. Good luck, good journey, little
friendl I hope you find the rainboto-end.

- Lowana Julaine

E R R E E MAY, 1961