Volume 8, Issue 2, page 11

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Some years ago. I was employed by a railroad as watchman. in a
somewhat isolated area. I lived alone in a
converted boxcar, and having been interested for many years in
things of an occult or mysterious nature, I made my-
~ self a little"tipping table". it worked fine, I would lay my
hands lightly on it, and pretty soon it would begin to
wiggle and the"Spooks" would come and "move" the table back and

We would converse via a system of signals an~ by counting out the
letters of the alphabet 0 Slow. but fun. (Since
then. I have "progressed" to a much faster and more reliable
method of communication.)

Early one spring morning. a very skinny and hungry old puss-cat
came to my door, so I put out a pan of watered
condensed milk for her I had to go inside before she would come
up ~nd eat it, but she came back each following
morning. and after a few days, became tame enough that I-could
stay outside and "talk" to her while she ate.

it was obvious she had some kittens some where, so I told her to
bring them and mov; in under the house. Sure
enough, a few days later, she had the three little kittens, their
eyes barely open and their legs still a little wobbly,
safely under the house. They were as wild as could be, and I had
to move the milkpan in by the kitchen stove before
I finally got them inside. But they soon overcame their wildness,
and would play around in the house while the
mother cat slept by the stove. I cut a small cat-hole in the
corner of a door leading into the woodshed so they could
go in and out, and so to the outside.

Every evening, I would get my little table to"working". It would
rise up on two legs and wiggle back and forth
(anyone who has done this will know what I mean. and others
probably won't believeit anyhow). and the"spDoks"
wbul d t e 11 m e of many weird and wonderful things. As this was
going on, the old puss-cat would lie quietly
behind the stove and watch the proceedings, her head continually
weaving from side to side, her eyes 1 i k e saucers,
peering into the corners of the room. I couldn't see anything.
but she could !

one evening, my little table began to literally dance--the most
violent movements I had ever. or have since,
experienced. And I could sense a sort of malevolence in the air.
a kind of"feeling of evil". if such can be imagined.
But I went ahead. trying to got the "spook" to tell me its name.
etc., as usual. I was too busy to notice the cats,
until suddenly the old cat let out the most hair-raising,
spinechilling scream. almost human-like. I wouldn't have
believed a cat could make such a sound. (I have heard what was
supposed to be a panther in the Arizona
desert; he was merely singing a lullaby, in comparison.) I
glanced up in time to see the cats. the old one in the lead,
the kittens nose-to-tail, in one blur of motion going thru the

The"SpGok to must have decided this was no place for him, and all
occult affairs came to an abrupt end. I '
thinking the cats may have seen something " natural". took my
pistol and flashlight and went outside, but could
find nothing. I did locate the cats. as far under


This feature is open to readers who can do and do do things that
are not readily explained by orthodox behavior
patterns. Here you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents
of tel3kinesis thou ht reading, teleportation, use of
th~ pendu?um doWsing . , automatic writing, prescience, ~se of
the Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When did
you start? or discover you were "differ

aent'? Can you help others duplicate your feats? Maybe your
"facts" will prove nothi'ng -except that so-called
"science-fiction" writers are kidding somebody--maybe only the

s of so-called Iscience-fictionwbooks.

Che house as they could get.

They moved back inside two days later, only after the old cat
went thru the whole house and inspected it thoroly.
She then called the kittens, which came sidling in, one by one,
Stopping just inside the cat-hole and looking all
around before venturing further.

I never did contact that particular "spook" again, that I know of.

--Stanley Clason, Basin, Mont.


A(y little daughter has bad some strange and interesting
experiences. Like most.sensitive children, she
demonstrated psychic ability at a very early age. Unlike most
children, she was never ridiculed discouraged, shamed,
or punished when she told us about these happenings. Rather, we
adopted the attitude that it was all perfectly natural
and to be expected.

once, in the spring of 1956, when jann6 was eight yearsold,
sheexperienced what apparently was astral
projection. I asked her to make notes on the incident, and this
is taken from her notes:

t1on a nice nite, I went to bed, and all of a
sudden found myself walking up my girl friend,
Revae's, driveway. I to walked thru the door and
into her living room . Jarind' said it was dark,
but she thought the moon musthave been shining
for there seemed to be a luminosity wherever
she went. She noticed the gravel in the drive-
way, the stillness of the night, her aloneness .
Jannef said that as she went upstairs, she bad
an elated feeling as she seemed to glide up
each step, not touching, but going thru the
motions of stepping on each tread. When she

I "I saw Revae

went into the bedroom, she says, and her brother Stevie asleep. I
then jumped up on the windowsill and out the
window I went! I then found myself in my own bed 9'
In summing up, it appears tbai jarind projected immediately to
the driveway of her little friend's home, a distance
of more than a block. She states that she went THRU the door,
instead of opening it, as one would expect in a
dream. The next incident that points clearly to projection is the
"gliding up the stair treads", and another, "I saw
Revae and her brother Stevie asleep".

Jumping up on the windowsill and finding herself in bed at home
also seem in accordance with experiences of
others who have projected.

incidentally, I had not discussed this Phenomena of astral
projection with my little

daughter. . I - -Posalind John, Norco, Calif.