Volume 8, Issue 2, page 17

to the Catholic faith and become a good Catholic.

.. This article is a choice representation of the sort of thing
that has been purveyed as astrology thru the centuries
until now the subject has become a convenient hanging post for
all the gibberish of mysticism, occultism, and
fortune telling.

"Her opening remark about the Sun approaching the constellation
Pisces is a typical example of the quasi-
religious and so-called supernatural and occult concepts
beingcirculated as mundane astrology. As this observation of
the Sun passing thru Pisces and entering Aquarius is being
measured at the vernal equinox against an arbitrary.
totally fictitious and artificially contrived 'fixed zodiac', it
thereby cannot serve as ameans to measure the passage of
the Ages and is meaningless.

"This is no reflection on Miss O'Connell, as she has, to all
appearances, innocently substituted astrology for
religion and is merely repeating the current mystico-religious.
so-called 'occult' interpretations which masquerade as

"There is nothing astrological about 'Planetary Gods' or
'Planetary spirits', and certainly nothing astrological
about 'CoamicFbrces' stimulating various attributes i n Man by
virtue of being 'Red'. 'Bluet, 'Green'. or whathave
you. The mere mention of the word 'astrology' in the same context
with such figments of spiritualist flummery is a
prostitution of what once was a science comparable to our
present-day physical sciences.

Age we are living in, an~'Tbirs so-called 'civilization' with its
unbridled, haphazard methods of breeding
and its mad race to develop staggering military powers. cannot
avoid utter collapse and destruction. A careful,
scientific study of astrology indicates we are, indeed,
approaching the end of an Age. But ... it is not to be followed
by an 'Age of Brotherly Love'. By careful geometric plotting of
the precession of the equinox, using the tilt of the
polar axis. a true and geologically accurate history of our
planet unfolds before our eyes, which indicates weare at the
threshold of an age of scientific development. which, in the
first pangs of growth, will so emphasize reason.
efficiency, pragmatism and utility, as to become ruthless.
pitiless, and even inhumane. to those wbo

MAY, 1961 The

will be unable to adjust to the demands of many kaleidoscopic

"In an effort to rescue astrology from being a part of the
stock-in-trade and accoutrements of fortune- tellers and
bogus 'seers' and 'readers', considerable analysis and study was
given this matter of the true succession of Ages,
under the title of 'Seasons of the Ages', and we believe this
work will stand as the f i rst milestone in re-establishing
astrology on a scientific basis. " - -Burt and Ruby 9ssex,
Allendale, N. J.

"Hurray for that #15 Devil stirring up and bringing to light the
horrors of past centuriesi (Geo. W. Lagus is
doing a fine work.)"--Alberta N. O'Connelll Wilton, Oonn.

"For the last few months, I have become more and more prone to
hysteria each time I finish one of your issues.
It seems your magazine is now the melting pot for personal
opinions of every imaginable sort. And that part is
proper since the birth-control of thought has been enforced, in
most cases, in our modernworld. However,when I read
these many opinions, I often think of the Scripture which reads:
'For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by
thy words shalt becondemned', and wonder if the writers are aware
of such a passage. Nevertheless, it is correct to
allow all to air his views, for in that way the truth can come
out as well as falsity. And free speech was originally
part of the American way of life for that very reason.

"Obviously, today is a controversial time in this earthly world.
And it seems to me that the differences of
opinion are basically caused by the fact that few people can see
a whole picture. Each p e r son sees a section of the
picture and then gives hi s opin i o n s . The people who see
different sections therefore have different oninions. And
t h a t i s where some get the idea that some things are right
for one person while other things are right for another.
However, that attitude isafallacy since the whole picture shows
that what is right for one should be right for all, or
vice versa.

"But since your publication isthemeeting ground for so many
conflicting opinions, I almost collapsed with
laughter when I read the letter referring to yourmagazine as the


'Blabberree'. Why didn't someone think of that at the time you
were trying to find a new name for your publication?
oh, my, I think I've createda mortal e n emy! (ED. NOTE-a chaque
saint sa chandellel)

"I've been reading Jonathan Swift and cannot help but note that
he must have had our modern world inmind when
he wrote that things would be much better for everyone if we
could ,open a few mouths which are now closed, and
close many more which are now open'. He also said that in spite
of all the confusion, people were 50 times more
violently bent upon having their own way and were driven equally
on by hope and despair. Which reminds-me of the
conditions which many of your subscribers must be inaccording to
their letters, anyway . . .

"My idea why people cannot come to the right conclusion has to do
with their lack of ability to apply relativity
to their concepts. We cannot, as a rule, say this is right and
this is wrong. For everything is relative. In other
words, a thing is right relative to one condition but wrong
relative to another. And many people can carry onan
argument simply because they have a different relativity in mind.
But all truly sane people consider the
circumstances involved, and therefore come to the same
conclusion. For this same reason, dogmatic religion,
stemming from the subconscious mind, has never been able to
understand the Scriptures and thus agree with other
concepts . Actually, no concept has been proper up to now and
conditions of the world is proof of that. Also, people
have never been able to separate the world of the unconscious
from the world of analysis. These two worlds are the
difference between heaven and hell. And unfortunately, people in
the hell-mind think they are in heaven since one
imitates the other. The best description forthe modern individual
is *ignorance in action'. .. However, I do not mean
to hammer relentlessly at the human intellect. Itis just that I
realize that only when the human mind operates in a
correct manner will any of us, who form the body of collective
man, ever have the chance for the happiness we are a
11 seeking. And I, myself, have no interest whatsoever in the
r6le of 'laugh, clown, laugh'. which is about all it
amounts to at the present time."--LudvAg G. Rosecrans, Apache
Junction, Ariz.