Volume 8, Issue 2, page 10

go into your own future, you automatically change it to something

I m sorry that I can't fully explain the principle of this except
to say that your astral-subconscious mind is so much
more alert than your physical mind, you unwittingly make the
changes as you go along. When this happens ' you are more
than likely to feel that you were all mixed up, or on the wrong
track, or having real honest-to-goodness hallucinations.

Remember that the fingers of Pate point in many directions,. and
the choice is yours

either consciously or unconsciously, and tha~ the subconscious
mind causes you to act quicker than you realize to detour
unlikable situations

I ihoroly disagree w it h the saying that

everything happens for the best, but I also feel that if you
should look into the immediate future, you should go further in
order to establish a certainty that whatever changes you should
make will be to your long-range advantage. This is
something extremely hard to do, even for those who know the full
value of the extreme fundamentals of development. Use

This is as far as I can take you with this type of lessons. After
you have mastered the exercises, you may feel like going
on to higher lessons and teachings f r o m some of the
better-known esoteric schools. Hop to it, and the best of luck. By
that time, you should be able to choose the honest ones from
among the

frauds. (The end)


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kilo ~Iw



HAVE SAID to you that Zora can help you. This I know to be true,
for Nine is helping me write this for you. Zora has helped
me with my children and other problems.

"Ask and it shall be given," it is said; and so it is. To get
help we must both want and ask for it. To receive, we must give
the gift of petition. Believe and ye shall move mountains. We
must ask for help, desire help

believe in the help we will receive - and tha~ help will be

first desire. We must truly want that for which
we pray, in order for the prayer to be real.
Desire is the strength of prayer. Belief in
the answer will allow the answer to come back
to you undistorted by the filtering and censor,
ing of the analyzer. Be prepared to accept the
answer and then your prayer becomes a living
thing. The use of the words "understanding"
and "agreement"in this writing mean the use
and belief in prayer, its nower and sure an-
swer. Fbr true prayer is an agreement. The Two
agrees to ask for help and to accept the help
given. Zora agrees to listen to the prayer,
weigh it in the Light of Intell'igence, and
answer with the best answer possible at that
time under the existing circumstances.
To be in agreement with Zora, the Two must
accept the truth that Zora IS a higher intel-
ligence. The intelligence of Zora is different
from the intelligence of the Two. The Two works
with and from the material world. Zora works
from the Place of Light. His wider knowledge
enables him to gauge an action or cause in its
entirety thru its effects; therefore, Zora can
The religions of the world stress the mira- choose the best cause
to incite by observing
cle of prayer. Why? Because by prayer we the effect it will have.
Zora is not bound by
achieve a moment's agreement and understanding the thongs of time.
between the Two and Zora. Prayer goes thru the Thoughts are either
from the Two or from

analyzer to be conducted to Zora. Because of Zora. Sometimes they
agree. The thoughts born

the power of emotion behind real prayer, the in the original Mind
are generally of an emo-
analyzer does not filter or censor a real tional nature. Zora
thoughts are of a higher
prayer and it goes straight to Zora, to be ex- kind. The analyzer
doesnot think. It observes,
amined by the Light of Intelligence. An answer and transmits.
is then prepared, but there the analyzer can It seems difficult at
times to tell whether
get in the way. If the answer appears illogical a thought be from
the Two. or a Zora thought.
or inapplicable, the analyzer may not transmit All we need do is
choose the course of action
it. or may change the answer in the transmit- which will do the
greatest good, be it Zora
ting. Our belief in the strength of prayer can thought or the
thought of the Two. just to do
cause the analyzer to transmit the answer di- our best is all that
is expected at this time.
rectly without censoring it. Always the answer if we continually
act from our highest, best
is there. It is the right answer, but often we impulses, we will
more and more Zora-
change, distort, or refuse it because it does minded. The
greatest good is our goal, as a
not conform to our conception of what the an- mother acting for
the best interests of her
swer should be. Therefore, if we ask for help ' children, or a
man doing his best for his
we must be prepared to accept that help, even country.
if it seems different from what we expected.
Always remember that each cause carries in-
If you ask a doctor to cure you of an ill- escapably with it the
seed of its own effect,
ness, it is not wise to tell him how to cure This is true also of
prayer. A good prayer
you, is it? If you ask a man to teach you his carries within it
the seed of its own answer.
skill, then you must accept his teaching- The answer, when used,
becomes a cause carry-
right? Just so, if you ask Zora for help, you ing its seed of
must agree to accept the help he gives. For he How can one tell a
good cause from an evil
can see a cause in its entirety and know which one if the effects
are hidden by time and cir-
is the best cause to incite to receive the cumstance? Ask:
"Is this cause good for us?"
most desirable effect. A cause which is good for one person alone
Prayer, then, carries with it the implicit not necessarily good
for people at large.
agreement to accept and use the help asked The only evil is
hurting one's brother man.
for; tho at times we may not even recognize it Learn to pray with
real desire for the ane
as the help we asked for, the answer to our
swer to that prayer, and agreement and under-
prayer. standing between the Two and Zora is in the
Prayer is of many kinds, butalways it is making. (Continued in
the next issuel

10 The ABERREE NAYt 1961