Volume 8, Issue 2, page 6

ligion will be the common grounds of paranormal activity or ESP

6. ESP can be ";ontrolled" in three waysbrain injury; mentally
opening the threshold to the subconscious self by
hypnotism, yoga, mediums, mental exercise, prayers; and
chemically with drugs affecting the rationality of the

7. Psychic ability appears not related to spirituality. Some
psychics are good, others evil. Do God or the devil
have psychic ability?

8. The next step would be to build an electronic machine to
perform this function mechanically electrically,
bypassing the subconscious self, so subject to personal whims.

9. Reincarnation seems evident, with many age regression
experiments under hypnosis or drugs, when the door
to the subliminal self is opened.

10. The human soul is the subconscious self . It holds memory
records of the present and all past lives. It exists
beyond the time-space continuum of our physical bodies. It is
like a library referred to by the Hindus as the Akashic
records of all memory patterns. When purified of all neuroses
(sin), then it becomes a divine crystal reflecting the
god-like quality within each entity. Here again religion and
science cross threads in the puzzle of a perennial

11. The biggest mystery still remains: Why does mankind, since
antiquity, expend millions building rellgious
institutions without a few dollars on ESP to discover how it
works? Is it stupidity, or a Divine plan that these
secrets be hidden by throwing sand in our mortal eyes?

12. It seems poltergeist movement, telepathy. and psychometry all
operate on a subliminal basis, traceable to
the subconscious self. This "force" is not often controlled by
the"will" of the conscious self. However, it appears to
be a form of wave vibration, whether existing electrically,
magnetically, or in some other unknown state. The key
to life after death, paranormal activity, thought projection will
be down this scientific line of approach.

13. There is a tendency for all ESP investigators to drift to the
spirit agency aspect of Spiritualism.
Metaphysics, preconceived religious ideas, must be precisely
notedto separate facts from fancy. Yet often, as in
mythology, thearchetype is drawn from the subconscious, revealing
a basic truth. The unconscious mind is truly the
matrix of symbols. Again we see the unconscious, subconscious,
psyche or soul is a question of semantics, as C.C.
Jung has pointed out. If the early church theologians lived today
and were educated in our modern universities with
scientific background and terms, there would be no conflict
,between the Bible and science. There is one truth, but
many fools, and their interpretations still live.

"Healing" is one of the most mysterious something-or-other in the
world. So many want it, so many offer it--
yet so few get it.


Belief is about the most stupid thinking we can do. It's
practically on the same rung of the ladder with blind

Man will never find knowledge until he starts using a fluoroscope
instead of a telescope.


To prove anything by the Bible is like trying to measure liquids
with a sieve. Those holes are what make "The
Book" so "holy".





ZRA TOLD us in Chapter 12, Children of Israel, that "the land was
filled with them" (Ex.1:7), and in Chapter 13
the Bible says they were "the fewest of all people ". This
discreDancy appears conspicuous in the statement that
Nebuchadnezzar (604-561 B. C.), in three raids sent to Judea,
found only 4j600 persons whom he saw fit to carry
away. And these 4,600 Israelites formed the famous Babylonian
captivity of 70 years' duration (Jere. 52: 27, 30).

And the Church claims these people were never polytheists, but
always monotheists, and worshiped only one
God--Jehovah. The Bible itself shows this claim is more Church
fraud added to fraud.

The worship of Jahveh, or Yahveh, the God of the desert whom the
Israelites had brought with them, was quite
compatible with the simultaneous worship of Astarte, the Goddess
of Fertility. and of numerous other local gods,
bulls, sacred trees. and family fetishes such as were venerated
in ancient society generally in those days. Yahveh was
just one God among many. a"Baal" like all the rest, and was
worshiped with sacred prostitution and human
sacrifices, according to the Bible.

Many instances of this concept of Yahveh appear in the Bible, and
no telling how much of it the pious Bible
makers eliminated. He is the rain god who brings the flood
(Gen.7). The rainbow is a token of his promise not to do
it again (Gen. 9). He blesses the fields (Gen. 27:27); is
appeased by human sacrifice (Jud. 11:30-40; 2 Sam. 21). He
sends fire from heaven to destroy his enemies (Gen. 19; 2 Kings
1) , or to consume a sacrifice that particularly
pleased him (I Kings 18; 1 Chron. 21 : 26; 2 Chron. 7:1).

God's chosen people worshiped a bull, Apis, and the sun, moon,
stars, and all the host of heaven. They
worshiped fire and kept it burning on an altar. They worshiped
stones, an oak tree, and bowed down to images. They
worshiped a Queen of Heaven, called Astarte or Mylittal, and
burned incense to her. They worshiped Baal , Moloch,
and Cbemosh, and offered up human sacrifices to them. after
which, in some cases, they ate the victim (Ps.
106:28,37.38; Ezek


And the "Word of God" states that His Chosen People were
polythiests, polygamists, idolators, and fire
worshipers. who burned their children as sacrifices, and
butchered their foes to the last suckling infant, and who
honored traitors, assassins, and prostitutes who served their

According to the Holy Bible, any crime may be committed in the
name of or for the sake of this God. and the
Mother Church has made prolific use of that privilege (Ex.

Deut. 13: 6- 10, etc.) (Continued in next issue)


Horizons are examples of perpetual motion.