Volume 8, Issue 2, page 16

earth, curtail the false knowledge of thine ego, lest other men
behold in thy writings thy ignorance.

"Rev. Wayne Trubshaw. welcome once again to ABERREE. Where bast
thou been hiding. man? Soon I shall
answer your questions as to the meanings of names. e.g., 'Jesus',
Wisdom Triumphant, that you requested, but
Morris isstill in the fog. let him stay awhile longer. Thou art a
man of wisdom. but becloud it; be simple, and the
simple will gain learning. V. G. M. I acks what you have .

"Lowana Julaine: You have saved the sensible reader many hundreds
of dollars; that is. if they can read. Some
only are learning to spell. You're doing O.K., Edith Faucett,
keep going.

"Infinite 20: Don't be discouraged. It's a long. long way to
Tipperary, Irish colleens. and sweet roses"'--Dr. John
Dobbs, Ss Burnaby., B. C.

"The art work on the April cover symbolizes what many people
think of me. In your auditorial. Billy Graham's
quoted words are true. but. perhaps. not the way Billy Graham
understands the meaning of those words.

1*0yes, there is such a thing as sin. The biblical meaning of sin
is anything a body does that is detrimental to
life. That is. sin is what a body does that is harmful to God.

"Muriel Griebels article is worthy of being reprinted in RFADER'S
DIGEST. I am grateful to Rev. Trubsbaw for
the orchids. but your auditorial says they are weeds. Ed Calkins.
old boy. when psychotics stop their losses of
sexual fluid. they begin zo return to sanity . It is as simple as
that. There are scientific reasons, too, but the reasons
are not yet known by contemporary 'experts' and 'authorities'.
You say the subject of masturbation and constipation
is not important. since when is life and sanity not important? In
fact. I would like to ask if there is anything more
important than life? of coursel I forgot; your liberty and your
country and democracy are more important. Even
money is more important. Most people sacrifice life for money and
the pleasure of lust. people pay a high price for
ignorance, but each one is wise in his own conceit. We all learn
the hard way."--Morris latzen, Cooks Falls, N. Y.