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breast. They were not new to you, so maybe He had just reminded
you that you had shelved them too long.

Sometimes lessons had to be driven home, and this one was for
you. A man drove into the traffic before you had
a chance to slow for him. He didn't pick up speed so, naturally,
you started past him, not slackening your own. You
had plenty of room and were not inconveniencing him in the
slightest. However, he didn't intend to be passed. You
fully expected him to let you pass. It was a law of the road

But he didn't, so in spite of your best in: tentions, you found
yourself doing 70, and theie fore breaking the I aw
wide apart. Moreover, this was a three-lane highway and there was
a hill just beyond which neither you nor the man
who wouldn't allow you to pass could see. If acar come over that
hill in your lane. . .

You braked down and swerved behind,the man who wouldn't let you
pass. And another car did come, fast, in the
center lane. Pictures went thru your mind. You'd have met the
unsuspecting stranger head-on if you had continued
the race. He was passing a car, or racing with one I
intentionally or otherwise, just as you were . Four cars, all the
passengers in all cars, could have crashed - and since other cars
came over the hill, there could have been quite a pile-
up, with many dead; averted now because you had fallen back. But
what had caused you to do it? You'd ordinarily
have taken a chance and sped up more, taking the right-hand lane
. Your car was fast and you were legally
rightexcept for the small matter of breaking the speed limit. of
course, the fellow to the right broke the speed limit
too, but that was his business.

"He's thinking much the same thoughts. over beyond the hill. to
it came to you. "if you were in his place, you'd
stop and wait, give the other fellow a chance to talk with you."

Coincidence again' Possibly, but the fellow who wouldn't let you
pass had stopped, got out of the car, and was
waving you down.

"I could have caused a lot of deaths," the other fellow said, his
lips and words trembling. "You're at liberty to
take a poke at my nose if it will make you feel better."

"I broke the speed limit," you heard yourself saying."I've no
right to poke anybody in the nose."

do, can't understand yet," the fellow said. "how you knew you had
to slow down slide behind me, in order to avoid a
series oi crashes."

"Back Seat Driver1l' you said, grinning.

The fellow looked into your back seat. He could see no one,
naturally. Nobody in the front seat, either. He met
your eyes strangely .

"He could see over the hill ahead of us, 'I you persisted.
enjoying his mystification. "Hipneeded to teach us both a
lesson to

The fellow raised his right h6d and vowed. "Never again! Anybody
can'passme who wants to after this."

You drove on. The fellow looked into the back seat again, and
there was a smal I f rown between his eyes.

"you were probably," you said to your invisible Passenger,
"riding in all the cars that almost crashed, in order to
teach all the drivers a lesson. But do they ever learn?'o

"It takes time," you heard, "and infinite patience, and people so
quickly and easily forget. to

You vowed you wouldn't forget quickly or
easily. You could allbut read tomorrow's head-
lines. if you hadn't slowed down and given the
man,on your right the right-of-way. 0
1 He'll be dangerously careful after thisl'

8. The AB

.ffieirt~rs of


(ED. NOTE - Don't take our word for it; look up these crimes
against humanity in any good encyclopaedia.
Thousands of others never were recorded.)


UCILIO VANINI (1585-1619) was an Italian priest who abandoned his
church in order to become a teacher of
science and philosophy. His life was strangely similar to the
life of Giordano Bruno.

Vanini visited many European countries and lectured at foremost
universities. He taught that matter is
eternal and God is Wentical with the Universe. His beliefs were
condemned as heresy because the clergy was afraid
that laymen would bypass the Church and seek God in Nature.

Roman theologians reasoned that a heretic could justly be put to
death. The torture of heretics was legalized by
the popes long before Vanini's time. Vanini fled to England after
he was accused of atheism and witchcraft. He later
went to Paris, but when his books were burned by the Sorbonne, he
fled to Toulouse. where he began to teach again
until he was arrested and charged with atheism.

on February 19, 1619 1 under the reign of Pope Paul V. Vanini was
condemned, his "blasphemous tongue" was
torn out, and his body was delivered to the flames. His dramatic
death attracted much attention and his fame became

said the Back Seat Driver

You 'd lost a little time, and the urge to speed up increased.
You held the needle right
at 50, even into the 35-mile-an-hour zone in which your business
was located. But for the
unusual chance that you found a parking place at once, you'd have
been late punching the time
clock. You were one minute early. You could have been, this
instant, knocking at the door of

The Presence. at your insistence, was still with you. You
couldn't talk to Him. with so
many people coming and going, or they'd all stare. so it was good
that He could read your
thoughts. You thought:"I've been giving You a bad time. Sir!"

"This morning, you mean' Not at all. This morning we've been
making progress. you have been
giving me a bad time, but that's all in the past. L e a r n from
past mistakes, forget them,
and go on. I find it very interesting. Let Is take no more of the
boss Is time, now. it Is proper
that he should expect us to earn our money, selling him all the
time for which he pays us. to

edusVp you repeated, wonderingly.

III was sitting in all the seats of all the cars that might have
crashed, back-seat driving.
Here, too. tho not until this morning have you realized it. Usl"

(Continued in the next issue)

When one discovers Truth, he is so busy adjust.ing from implanted
concepts that he has no
time to advertise his discovery for sale. nor to pose as an
unheralded Messiah., He has
discovered you don't LEARN Truth. you LIVE it.

E R R E E MAY, 1961