Volume 7, Issue 2, page 5

Half-gear fasts Lead to nog-Seed Diet
Long Periods of Not Eating Might Never Have
Ended Had Experimenter Not Been Soloing
By J. LOVEWISDOM belief in reincarnation, a whole slave chain
SIDE from the brief experiences in of ideas were detached by the realities of
levitation of the physical body, life experience and independent thinking. For
the deep trance states of Ecstatic instance, the idea that it was necessary to
God Union, etc., plus dozens of avoid the giving of births into a life of sufyears of rapturous life feeling Di- fering on earth, meaning that marriage was
vine Essence, perhaps the most D- forbidden to those seeking the utmost liberation, and woman -- the possible vehicle of givusual happenings of my life were ing birth -- was to be avoided like a fiery furthe two fasts in 1953 and 1954, nace. Yet the greatest authority on this, the
each more than one-half year. Vari- Buddha, started his early life by marriage anc
ous magazine articles h a v e quoted giving birth to a son. Had he earned this karme correctly to have said, "God has let ma? or was it God's grace or pattern, we might
many wonderful things happen to me" -which question first, reviewing the need of teaching
I repeat that you may know that none of birth decrease then as today in Asia. There
must have been an intuitive wisdom in both orwhat has happened have I had "powers " to iental and western teachings of celibacy, bedo, nor an accumulation of experience cause today the world is concerned with probfrom other lives (so-called) to gather lems of overpopulation; that soon there will
know-how from, all this being a present not be enough cultivatable land to produce
here and now conscious effort in this life enough food to feed the rapidly multiplying
by prayer giving a meditational design population. In the Buddhistic concept, however,
for what I have wanted and asked of the of saying we solve it all in eliminating sufAlmighty. Even the Light of the World, fering by eliminating birth, and eliminating
King of Immortals, when with small men of we being
have eoqu quite a a e convincing giving birth
theory, but or it lust,
Palestine, said He had no power of His be of no avail, like the blaming of present
own and that the Father within Him and us suffering on past deeds. You continue to throw
does all the work. fuel on the sexual fire of propagation by eatFor many years I had believed as I had read ing seed and animal foods, mentally saying now
from oriental writings that I had lived lives I am pure and holy, yet you live in misery and
before birth into this life. I wanted to feel die like any other mortal.
it so badly that I gave reality to imaginary Practical application of spiritual philosopast lives, pretending this a gift to remember phy in everyday life being lived by us brought
former lives -- all of which may have put me an- about the revolutionary standing in Vitarianother step up the ladder of "Great Masters". ism. Vitarianism looked to life conservation
Krishnamurti ruined my position, however, "turn- rather than life prevention by contraceptives,
bling my castles down", by simple analysis abortion, population elimination by wars as
that "you all believe in reincarnation or in modern science advocates, and a dietetic scisomething else of the kind which is incapable ence of chastity rather than the faulty theoof verification"! "Your belief in God is mere- ries of religious celibacy to avoid birth and
ly a matter of convenience to you, it does not overpopulation. And the dietetic science of
make any difference in your life"! Further, he chastity further controls life conservation in
said, "You can only verify when you do not that animals are not destroyed for human foods
believe", meaning as long as one has preju- nor are seeds destroyed that the Creator origdices in beliefs, his mind is not open, pre- inally intended for reproduction. Just respectventing the grasp of truth. Krishnamurti was ing this factor, we note that land used to
one most exposed to oriental belief and proofs, ;row vegetarian food produces 17 times as much
yet none was given to him as to reincarnation, in food values, and soil used to grow the vias was the case of Hereward Carrington altho tarian foods (non-seeds) is used up as much as
he was an authority on the subject. But it is 20 to 100 times less faster than the fertilityconvenient to excuse or justify everything by consuming seed foods. Past grain-eating civilsaying it came from past deeds, or "karma". izations expanded the Sahara desert into what
The past is gone, irremediable, dead, and thus it is now and brought about the U.S. dust bowl
not a true life experience. We can look at the and other worn-out soils. Right soil conservafuture, which is pliable, by living the pres- tion is right eating -- no seeds and no animals.
ent as it should be rather than excusing it to Buddha should have reflected that the "cause
the past. With our vision heavenward, we not of birth" was seminal substance production --
only overlook present difficulties but prepare seeds, something exterior, brought into man to
our future, needing nothing of the past -- for give him the seminal or reproductive attrithe past can be forgiven if we repent and make butes of lower nature -- the defilement, menstruright our ways here and now. If our sins were ation, male pollutions, besides the excesses
irremediably adhering,' our past evil deeds or behind the desire to abuse sex by false pleaskarma deciding our future inclinations, we ures. Why did men get evil desires? Actually,
would be hopelessly slaves of our own past they are foreign to mankind, for when God creactions. ated man and woman, He saw they were good, nor
Along with the discarding of this theory and were ashamed until after an evil exterior facMAY, 1960 The ABERREE 5