Volume 7, Issue 2, page 8

ing vehicle, and at the end of the ride an im` balance that was not treated. I feel the swamp,
tBY $11,r a the vehicle, and the result is... "
But never mind the result. Zoe had regressed,
r ~~ or something, to a period of some years before
she herself was born, to watch me catching my
r death of something. There had been swamp so.
journs. There had been rough rides. There hadn't been treatments, for what hardboiled shave.H
r: tail needed treatments because tiny things
'Red Hands in the Desert bece mosquitoes siu him in rm paces,
because water was full of squirming things he
couldn't strain thru pinched lips, because
VERY DAY, just because the "sleeping woman" stalking thru swamps got things attached to his
said so, I stand on my head. Every day, in
every way, I'm getting better and better.

I've been associated for sometime now with
the N i c k e rsons . I've conducted Zoe in
maybe 70 studies of as many persons. I've
never had time to have a reading for myself. I
always felt others in line needed 'em more.
There wasn't much the matter with me anyway.

Then, something out of my past cropped up --
something out of the Dominican Republic, which
I left as a young Marine "shavetail" back in
1924. Down there I'd had everything a young
shavetail could get. In those days, out in the
"boondocks", there was a mort of things a
young shavetail could catch. Because I had
dreams even then of becoming a professional
writer (it looked like an easy way to make a
living without working), I volunteered f o r
every field job nobody else wanted and because
I was a second lieutenant and would have been
assigned such jobs anyway, I always got what I
asked for