Volume 7, Issue 2, page 10

transient complained of being tired; it would
bo surprising if it had been otherwise. "I
feel," she said, "as if I had made a tremendous journey." She had.

The session closed with the transient declaring that she had no desire, ever again, to
repeat the experiment. "The readon for my objection," she declared, "is that I loathe returning to this so-called civilization. It's
too trying an experience."
Ulysses and Phoebe Kretzmer,Romoland, Calif.
ID YOU know that celery contains three of
the most important elements found in your
body? The first of these is calcium, of
which three pounds and four ounces is
found in the human body.

When calcium unites with sodium, which
is another element found in celery, it builds
for you those strong healthy bony tissues that
keep you free from rheumatism, arthritis, and
all of their ensuing complications. Also, sodium is the. greatest neutralizer of waste
poisons in the body.

The third element found in celery is hydrogen, of which more than 60 percent is within
your body. Hydrogen is indispensable, every
tissue must have it. Therefore, that is why
this wonderful vegetable should be a part of
your daily diet, every month of the yearónot
just once in awhile.


Shortly after sunset, late in the winter of
1951, I think, at Deep River, Conn., I saw,
thru a second-story window, something approaching the earth at about an angle of 20 degrees.
It was moving steadily ina straight line, like
a plane descending for a landing.' Its most
conspicuous characteristic was that there
seemed to be a great sail of green flame, giving the whole a somewhat triangular shape.

I asked if it could be a meteor but it was
very much larger in appearance than the "falling stars "we all know,. and it did not seem to
be falling -- it was going perpendicular to
earth. I asked myself if it could be a plane
on fire. But the next two or three days I
Iooked in vain for any account of local plane bad habit, as we open our garage at 7 A.M.
accidents. I do not really know what shape the Luckily we have our living quarters right in
object was itself, did not see any of the dis- the garage.
tinctive features of a plane. It continued One morning I was awakened by a voice,
evenly on its way until hills and woods hid it telling me in no uncertain terms: "Get up!" I
from sight. I was not conscious of any peculiar said, "All right!", sat up in bed, and the
noise, or plane-like noise. alarm went off. I asked my husband, you
-- Margery Mansfield, Monterey, Mass. call me?" "No," he said, "I didn't call you."
ï Then I asked him: "Did I say something?"
"VOICE" HELPS CURE BAD HABIT "Yes," he replied, "you said something, but I
don't know what it was."
Hearing the alarm clock sound off at 6:30 Two mornings in a row I've gotten out of bed
A.M. and going back to sleep for another half before the alarm went off. I hope this somebody
hour has become a daily habit with me, only or something helps me break the bad habit.
occasionally getting up as I should. This is a -- Mrs. Harold Hutson, Luckey, Ohio
as opposed to other geometric nowhereóbut keep it up. I'm
patterns. A cycle is a spirit- told that at times back issues
ual form that knows no begin- are available. Mr. Hart is the
ning or end, but, when we place person to contact.
it upon the material plane of ï

consciousness, it changes its DEAR LOUIS - Of ¢ l l your
meaning somewhat and usually studies, what is the greatest
has a pseudo-beginning and end. advice you could give someone
Also it uses time as its me- on the path ? -- H.S., Roswell,
dia. Therefore, when I speak N. M.
of a cycle, I use it as a per- DEAR FRIEND -- I think if you
iod of duration. boiled down all that has been
ï written, the following words
DEAR LOUIS -- Do you read would answer any question BE
minds? -- J.S., Pasadena, Calif. STILL AND KNOW.

DEAR LOUIS -- Do you read ï
Send your question direct to LOUis, P.0 . minds?óP.T., Hew York. DEAR LOUIS -Many thanks for
Box 21, Morristorn,Ariz. Enclose self- the past help. If you only knew
addressed, stamped envelope for personal DEAR J. S. and P.T. -- No, I what your letters have meant,
replyr in case columns of The near an just read letters. (P.S.-There and how they straighten out my
is no such animal as a mind life. Do you see any new dereader.) velopnents for me in the near
ï future? -- M..M., Tampa, Fla.

DEAR LOUIS -I just started DEAR LITTLE MOTHER -- I see
reading The ABERRkE, and am two new developments heading
at your ESP. My friends your way in a few months, and
tell me some of your past an I would call these developsuers are choice, too much to menwo twins.
pass up. Can I obtain back ï
issues? óILL. , San Francisco, DEAR LOUISóWe are new par
Calif. ents -- remember you said a year
DEAR LOUIS -- Quite frequently in your letters and articles you speak of cycles. We
think we know what you mean
but we're not quite sure. Would
you elaborate a bit? -- S.S.,
Allentown, Penn.

DEAR S. S . -- I do use the
term "cycle " frequently, and I
do my work in terms of cycles. DEAR FRIEND -- What's the old ago that "Spring of 1960 would
I even think in terms of cycles saying -- flattery will get you bring a new member into your