Volume 7, Issue 2, page 9

9CK IN the "good old days ", when E-therapy
and Dianetics had not yet been shorn of
their simplicity and complicated beyond
the understanding of the ordinary citizen,
my wife and I had a wonderful time experimenting and adding to our store of information on psychic phenomena.

In our work with E-therapy, we have found
that it is possible to have a transient go
over his entire past, simply by asking " E " to
bring up the necessary pictures and allowing
the transient to relate what is presented. No
direction is necessary or advisable -- it merely
disturbs the transient. In most instances, the
response is clear and concise, and the incidents follow one another in orderly fashion,
ranging from the near-present to conception --
and occasionally, even beyond.

Back before Bridey Murphy made most of us
"regression conscious ", we were doing some experiments while vacationing in Southern California, with some remarkable results. One of
the most interesting and dramatic experiences
concerned a woman who had read "Bo" Kitselman's"E"book, and was anxious to have a session. She was not particularly interested in
reincarnation -- in fact, was even skeptical of
the entire business -- but she was willing, and
so were we.

The first four sessions were given on consecutive evenings, and, tho interesting, were
not up to our expectations. They seemed to end
on a note of incompleteness, and left too many
loose ends. As we are careful not to direct the
session, we are obliged to accept what " E " is
willing to give, and hope for a more productive
session next time.

The fifth session started mildly enough,
with the transient relating some experiences
as a child of six attending school in her home
state of Kentucky. Then, suddenly the scene
and story ended abruptly, with a sentence or
two in a language we could not understand.
Then the exclamation : "Oh! It's Cuzco! It's
Cuzco! " Her face fairly shone with joy. She
caught her breath, and, for a moment or two,
appeared to be overcome with emotion.

As we sat silently watching, she started a
description of the scene in which she was participating. She told of an immense courtyard
teeming with people waiting for the temple
doors to open so they could enter to worship.
She was rather far back in the crowd and concerned about the possibility that there would
be no room for her inside. She would not push
her way to the front for, she explained, "people here are not so rude; they have the utmost
consideration for the rights of others -- and
besides, as a woman, I dare not force my way
forward, particularly ahead of the men, for
they have prior rights as far as religious and
temple matters are concerned. Ordinarily, we
are not even permitted to enter the temple."
She told us that she was high up in the
This feature is open to readers who can
do and do do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telekinesis, thought reading,
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing,
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were "different"? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your "facts" will'-prove nothing