Volume 7, Issue 2, page 11

Can E.S.P. By-pass Calendar and Clock?
Last month, "Louis", our mysticologist, announced a
contest for those who think they have a modicum, or more,
of E.S.P. On Monday, May 1, he'll arrange five common objects, three cards of different colors, and a playing card
on a table, and at 7 P.M. (Mountain Standard Time). he'll
sit down and concentrate on those objects, broadcasting on
mental waves that he hopes ABERREE readers will be able to
pick up and report back to him what those objects are.

But what is E. S. P.? Altho "Louis" says he has chosen
only one of the items he'll use, already he has several
letters from "eager beavers" naming the objects, and The
ABERREE has one letter (which we're withholding from "Louis"
for obvious reasons), in which the writer says: 'If E.S.P.
works, it works, and time doesn't make any more difference
than distance. So, here's my idea of how Louis's table
will look at 7 P.M. on May first.'
We told "Louis" that if any of these E.S.P.ers can
'know" before even he, "Louis" decides what he's going to
put on that table May 1, we'll know where to look should
we ever need a new "I seer". "If they do, they can have my
crown and throne", said "Louis".

So, keep tuned to this "station" The ABERREE) -- and if
you want to join the fun, write him probably right AFTER
May 1 -- but if you're good enough, you can write him sooner) what you think, or know, he's putting on that table.
If you'll enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope,
you'll not have to wait for The ABERREE to report scores.
home"...We decided to call him
Louis. Now we want to prepare
our child for the new age;
what can we offer our son? We
like your new letterhead; to
us it pictures the seeker on
the path. -- J.H. and M.R., Vista, Calif.

DEAR FRIENDS -- Congratulations