Volume 7, Issue 2, page 12

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even tho he deviates occasion- upon us untold wrath from those
ally from the " straight line" resenting the discrimination,
and airs his own opinions in a as well as throwing the colmimeographed publication, THE umns of The ABERREE open to a
SECOND TERMINAL, issued infre- wave of anonymous anomy. Howquently and inspirationally to ever, since this particular
a limited readership. Since we "Mr. Anony Mouse" is a fairly
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few attending the crescendoing to anyone, we have permitted
"better than ever" courses in him to call himself "Zeer 0.
Washington to be officially Naught", "Sven Svensven" (for
designated a "clear ", we sug- " 777 ", which is his Postoffice
gested he explain just what it Box number), and other similar
was he was. To which Frank re- artifices. But ABERREE readers
plied: "Let's break it down to are a discerning lot, and none
being 'clear of what?'" Which, has yet been fooled. They know
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