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POLICY: Don't take it so daÆ' seriously. The infiniteness of Mau is not
reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes, or "experts"who
seek to sell him that which he already has in an infinite amount.
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issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.
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WHAT MORE DO We' re cerYOU WANT -- EGO tain we read
IN YOUR BIER? something somewhere - - i t may
have been in the Bible -- to the
effect that "God is all". Maybe we didn't. Some of our minister friends seem to think
the church is all -- and because
there is so much that definitely is NOT church (such as
"sin", people who don't tithe,
other churches, people who do
not tithe, anything that keeps
the tithers from listening to
the preacher on Sunday, or at
any time his yap's officially
open), the church can't very
well be "all", can it?
We know some promoters who
make a very acceptable living
trying to sell the idea that
"thought is all" -- or that all
that is alive is all, putting
anything not kicking with animation outside the Allness;
some contend it 's ALL a matter
of consciousness; or that all
worthwhile is "All" and what
isn't worthwhile isn't -- which
can sure get you messed up in
a hurry.

There still are preachers
who put God on a big white
throne up beyond the clouds
somewhere -- making Him a bookkeeper over His sinful creation and fallen sparrows -- but
those not accepting this "All"
are inclined to add a few missing letters: A(w Helll ! A bit
odd how you can get so mixed
up over such a little word,
spelled with only three letters, which is the whole dictionary, isn't it?
Of course, maybe God isn't
All at all. In the "beginning"
(of what?), there was the Word,
and the Word was of God and
the Word was God. And then the
Word began creating out of
Himself (since only He and the
Word existed before "creation",
and the Word was Him, tool. but
the things He made from Himself weren't part of Him -- altho how to explain this gobbledegook is beyond us and
we're not even going to try;
we'll leave it to the church's
gobbledegook experts who've been
trained in dividing all's into
not-all's, half-all's, and almost all's -- but, obviously, not
all. To us, all means all -- which
is why we're aberrated, maybe.

Anyway, Adam and Eve got
kicked out of the Garden when
they started questioning that
All. "We're naked", they said ,
inferring, of course, that they
no longer were part of the
Allness because the fruit they
ate (popular belief says it
was an apple, but it could
just as easily have been a
persimmon , or hedge orange)
had wisened them to the fact
they weren't part of the All
at all -- but were merely in the
"altogether". Which didn't help
much when God came around on
an inspection tour, and found
them in their wretched state
of semi-intelligence. "Get out
and stay out!" He screamed, or
words to that effect, and a
guard was placed over the Allness so that the not-All's could
go out and sweat and step on
serpents and return to the
dust. A beautiful story, isn't
it? A ^ite confusing, here
and there, but when we take up
these confusing points with
a Biblical oracle, he insists
that "With God, all things are
possible" -- which is supposed
to put us in the same bushes
Adam and Eve hid in when they
were caught trying to find out
a few facts of life -- and getting only sewed fig leaves for
their pains.

Maybe before weall get youall as confused as we are, we'd
better quit and say that inasmuch as we can't recall having
been a whiz at mathematics, we
just have to reject the above
division of infinity, and will
settle for the statsent that
"God is All" -- and when you've
said that, YOU'VE SAID IT ALL!
In fact - -preachers and serpents notwithstanding, YOU'VE
SAID THE WORD, that was "In
the beginning". and probably

What more could you want --
an ego in your bier?

DOCTOR LOOKS T h e doctor
AT INSURANCE was certain that
AND MEDICINE medicine was the
greatest boon to
man. "All you need do is look
at the Life Expectancy Table,"
he argued. "People died young
before medical knowledge."
"Who doctored Adam and Methusaleh ? What medicines did
they take ? "
"They didn't have any worries, " be said.
"Why don't doctors live
longer than their patients?
They have all the medicines in
the world available -- without
having to get a special prescription."
"They worry about how to
help you isms' fools. who'd
take anything someone told you
was a cure-all." he said.
"What medicine do you have
to stop worrying?"
"There ain't no such animule!" he said.
"Then if worry kills people
young, and you have no medicine to stop worrying, how has
medicine helped the Life Expectancy Table?"
"Yon ask too damn' many
questions! " he snipped.
"And if medicine is SO damn'
good, why are all the hospitals full -- and they keep yelling for mou and more hospitals? Why don't you doctors
use some of your medicine, and
clean out those hospital beds?"
"It's all on account of
health insurance, " be said.
'People take out as insurance
Policy; then go to boa pita:
to get their mosey's worth.- l
"Then instead of buil..ing
hospitals, all we need do is
make it illegal to sell- health
insurance? Is that what yo>f
The man in the white jacket
reached into a steaming box,
and took out a long, sharp
scalpel -- which be began sanitarily whetting on the heel of
his hand. Altbo the doctor was
much smaller than we are, and
looked quite weak and anemic,
we once read a story about a
David and Goliath. Of course,
they lived, and died, before
actuarial tables -- but we don't
stay in doctors' offices any
longer than absolutely necessary -- scalpels or not -- and we'd
already delivered his order of
health insurance blanks.

Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen