John Noyga Takes Life with Fumes from Car | Conference Attendance Is Small But Enthusiastic

John Noyga Takes Life with Fumes from Car

Sketchy reports reaching The ABERREE office tell of the death last month of John H. Neugebauer (John Noyga), who took his own life with carbon monoxide fumes. John's body was found in his parked car in Newland township, Penn., three days after his death. The coroner of Oxford, Penn., returned a verdict of suicide.

Neugebauer was 30 years old, and was one of the first auditors to be granted the degree of Doctor of Scientology. Following the December, 1952, training course in Philadelphia, the Phoenix office of the H.A.S. was closed and the organization moved to the Quaker City. Dr. Neugebauer was in charge of teaching the doctorate course at the Hubbard Foundation school in Camden N. J., until after the September, 1953, Congress when L. Ron Hubbard returned to America, resumed control of the organization, and set up temporarily in Camden. After the December Congress in Phoenix, the H.A.S. was again moved to Arizona.

Private funeral services for Neugebauer were held in Kennett Square, Penn., and the body was cremated.

Neugebauer is survived by his widow, the former Helen O'Brien, whom he married in 1952.

Conference Attendance Is Small But Enthusiastic

Although only 50 persons showed up for the second Southeastern Dianetic Conference held August 21 and 22 in Atlanta, Ga., interest and enthusiasm made up for the lack of attendance, according to Ernest P. Pope, chairman, and Marjorie Sapp, secretary.

Speakers at the conference, and their subjects, included: Paul Metcalf, "Practical Dianetics"; Bill Roth, "Applied Scientology"; Frank Silver, "Chemical Assists"; Alberta Elliott, "Point of View"; Dr. W.T. Bidwell, "Experience with People"; Harold Schroeppel, "Being A Family Auditor", and John and Agnes Fitzpatrick led a panel on case histories. In addition, short tapes were played from Eph Howard, Stan Grady, Faith Rossiter, and Alphia Hart. A tape from A. E. Van Vogt arrived too late for the meeting.

A complete tape of the proceedings was made, and Pope reports these are being made into notes to be made available probably in late November.

Those who make the most noise about the harm comic books and movies are doing to children probably do the least to give those "misguided" children something better to do.

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