Over the Editor's Shoulder


"You have finally sold me on your mimeographed evaluation known as the Aberree. It is possible this came about because this is the first copy I have been able to read all the words in. (Ed. Note -- It won't happen again. Our 'bad' copies go out as 'Samples'). Congratulations on the new mimeograph. However, I think it is really due to that very good article by Richard deMille.

"Yours truly has run into far too many Scientologists moaning about the lack of money and countless other things who, yet, had the complete solution of yours truly's problems in the palm of their hand. I hereby promise to have the utmost belief and give my fullest attention to the first millionaire Scientologist who claims he can solve my problems.

"My status in the field of Scientology is that known in criminal and political fields as a 'hanger on'. I have a special membership which has helped me a great deal. I am not very active as I refuse to evaluate the problems of others when I have still to uncover the solution to my problem which I am hiding from myself.

"The name of your publication matches right in with my acceptance level and I predict your magazine will go far in gaining many readers and a wide circulation..." -- Roby W. LaMarche, Wakefield, R.I.

"The last issue was a beautiful job, and deMille's letter did a needed job." -- Ross Lamoreaux, Phoenix., Ariz.

"As might be imagined, while selling Bibles, both Catholic and Protestant, I am having some interesting experiences. I have sold a couple of ministers, and have already been cheated by one and side stepped by another. However, I have encountered beneficially many fine people, particularly among the evangelical and newer faiths.

"One thing that will amaze you among these 'evangelical' sects, including the Pentecostal Methodists, Assembly of God, Seventh Day Adventists, and Mormons, is the sense of very high tone among these people, especially evident among their children. The kids are happy, usually full of vim, but self-controlled and praiseworthy. They are healthy and darn handsome people, all of them. The ministers in these small groups may work at their carpentry or other trades during the week, and stay in the class of prosperous citizens who live in decent housing and eat well...

"Many of these people have the gift of healing. They can touch, and often cure, many maladies of long standing. I have been especially interested in their acquisition of these powers. In their words (I Corinthians 12), they would say Hubbard has the gift of Wisdom.

"One lady minister told me of her 'salvation'. While attending a service one night, while singing, she exteriorized and came to as an astral being on the desert. She then had a vision which I have found somewhat standard among these stories -- either a stairway or a lighted road, many lighted beings, and special interest to her were some words of acceptance and cheer. Then she interiorized at the singing session, apparently a few minutes after exteriorizing. Since that event she has had the gift of healing, and speaks as beautifully as I have heard anyone.

"There are many lessons here for Scientologists. First, the exteriorization seems to provoke experiences depending somewhat upon the mood of the moment or period preceding the experience. The standard phenomena of projection of astral being are usually present.

"Second, the experience of ONE exteriorization seems to so fill the individual as to convert definitely to a different way of living, and often to endow them with physical healing power through the hands. Those I have met seem to have excellent health, and to be of HIGH tone.

"Third, on the basis of this ONE experience they are willing to give their lives to a goal of converting others to approach the same experience.

"Fourth, they accredit all experiences and powers to the Holy Ghost, or to Jesus, very sincerely, without the cantish rigmarole of many older denominations but