Cover | Midwest Conference In Enid Oct. 30-31


0CTOBER, 1954 VOL. 1, No. 6

Published at Enid, Oklahoma

AUDITOR--I don't care if you have worn a path 13 inches deep. Move to the opposite wall and put your finger on the exact spot again just like Technique 30 tells you.


Bob Arentz, who admits he's messed up as many pre-clears by running the wrong stuff as any auditor in the field, finds the main thing wrong with Dianetics is that nobody ever tried using it. In the next issue of The ABERREE, auditors who use only what they want to use and ignore L. Ron Hubbard's warnings and instructions are given a good belly-whomping. Of course, YOU'RE not guilty, but you may know a few thousand other auditors who are.

Don't miss it. In the November issue of The ABERREE.

Midwest Conference In Enid Oct. 30-31

A Midwest Conference, open to both Dianeticists and Scientologists, will be held at the Youngblood Hotel in Enid on Saturday and Sunday, October 30 and 31.

Definite plans for the conference were adopted at a meeting held in Wichita Sunday, September 12. Norman Fritz of Wichita was elected head of the Committee on Program and Arrangements. Agnes Hart will act as secretary and plans coordinator.

Tentative plans call for a program of brief talks on what Scientology and Dianetics are, how they differ, and the progressive steps the science has undergone since L. Ron Hubbard's original book, "Dianetics", took the fancy of an enslaved public back in 1950. Group discussions and auditing will be arranged to suit the needs of the meeting after registration.

No advance fees for the conference are to be set, but delegates will be assessed a proportion of actual expenses incurred, which is not expected to exceed $1 or $2 per person, depending on the number attending. The luncheon Sunday noon will be $1.25 extra per person.

Registration starts Saturday in the East Lounge of the Youngblood Hotel at 1 p.m., but delegates who arrive earlier will have available

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