Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

plumages, the latter being incredibly beautiful creations that they manufactured all day long, yet remained in high tone.

"We have had only one exception, a girl descended from the house of the royal Incas and from a line of workers in Incan gold vessels.

"These are the girls who build electropsychometers. They do not know or care a fig about mindology or about electronics. They work entirely from colored picture charts and their output is excellent. Visitors who have occasionally seen some of these glamor babes always stare bug-eyed and ask: 'Where do you get THEM?' I get them by sending out word on my Indian grapevine, and they come in. We keep losing them by way of marriage, always with a very lovely wedding. We do not have a single one today that we started with six years ago, but each one, before she leaves, sends for and trains another to take her place." -- Volney G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.

"The Aberree is more fun all the time." -- Richard Kerlin, University City, Mo.

"Have just been reading your editorial and believe that Hubbard just might have the rub on you when he says that Scientology is a science of knowing how to know. The stress, I believe, may be placed on the how for the reason that after a certain amount of tossing and scrounging and 'growing', one eventually gets to the point where it is imperative that he either sink or swim. Some not quite so strong tend to sink but there are those who will not admit defeat.

"Out of this strange hanging-onness finally a dim light starts showing a long way off. That light signifies the 'know'. It will -- in time -- be all encompassing. That, to me at the present time, is a certainty. I've had glimpses and the most wonderful serene feeling comes with it. And then, too, I have had glimpses of not only circumstances surrounding me and mine but of everyone. You might say that the whole universe and all other universes combined were one and my fingers were counting the pulse beat. Being aware of everything in all universes to me would be 'to know'.

"Scientology is only the starting point. It won't do the job for you, but it will help. As I've said before, it is a very useful tool -- as useful to a 'homo sap' as a hammer and nails are to a carpenter.

"I do not think it necessary to bow down 3 times daily and 'Allah' Hubbard even though his work has helped a good many to start the long road to 'knowingness'. It is through my own experience with this material that I -- at the present time, at least -- think that Hubbard knew what he was talking about when he said: 'A science of knowing how to know.' It probably will come to you sometime when you are least expecting it -- just what that last word 'know' means. And the full significance will be like a bolt out of the blue. I truly hope you will experience some of the 'glimpses' I've had. It's a moving experience, and you will never be quite the same again...

"About deMille's comments on 'The Golden Dawn', if one reads his comments carefully and looks to see -- seems as though it's loaded. He hopes it will go over and has doubts that it will in the manner promised. He also leaves the thought that the 'church' can be as destructive as the A-bomb deal on Hiroshima. And it might well be the beginning of the complete falling down of organized Christianity as we know it today... I sincerely wish every one of the people connected with the church could read and ponder over his letter and then resolve to live up to the finest tenets of the organization. In other words, make the dreams reality -- and as you know, that takes time, effort, and thought. Guts too!" -- Jackie Ishmael, Oklahoma City, Ok.

"I understand you have the only copy of EX CALIBUR, that book Mr. Hubbard wrote which made raving maniacs out of the few who read it. What would you charge me for a copy if I promise not to reveal where I got it? I understand Mr. Hubbard once offered to sell this book for $1,500 but that the manuscript disappeared when the office was moved out of Phoenix." -- (Name Undecipherable), Orlando, Fla.

"I find that it is impossible to ignore your pithy comments and I hope they continue." -- John R. Richards, Jr., Hampton, Va.

"Keep on having fun! It's contagious, (thank heaven)...I heartily endorse your 'Policy' -- plus 'Note', etc... No charge for above endorsement -- it has no MEST value!" -- Perle C. Ouellette, Detroit, Mich.

"Only wish the copies were closer together." -- Hellyn Allan, Abilene, Tex.

"We've enjoyed the two sample copies you sent very much and wish to continue to enjoy them." -- Dr. Herman K. Nelson, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.