Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

In answer to some of these learned colleagues of Scientology or other fields as to their problems of today, the suggestion is: Go back to the beginning. Go back and pick up the subject again and again. Like in Book ONE. The prime factor is to put the mind into a state wherein it can assimilate data and use it. The data of knowingness must be accurate and correct, regardless of other viewpoints, as long as the mind as a machine is CLEAR. KNOWingness is the ability of the mind to accept data in proper perspective of the situation in which it is used or from which it is obtained. It is of absolutely no value to an individual to try and prove that what he knows is it, the absolute data, etc. It is the measure of data to be considered when it works. If it does not work, it is wrong. Any other proof is strictly authoritarian, theoretical, and hypothetical.

"Once an individual develops the art of knowing, it then is necessary to reevaluate himself and determine what he wants out of life, what field of endeavor will best supply it, and then go out and study that field and learn the MESTy established academics that apply to it -- and be a success...Business men have been doing it while you have been clearing your mind. Lots of fields are crowded and competitive. Even in Scientology it takes money to get started, local laws and ordinances to learn and avoid violating. The people who are best off are the ones who have studied less and had more fun and didn't sell the old homestead to finance a doctorate course." -- J. R. Zubris, Dorchester, Mass.

"The Policy -- wonderful -- we've been saying that too ... May the Merry Moody Aberree live long and happily." -- Bob and Ann Bogart, Beaumont, Calif.

"Regarding your discussions on definitions in the last issue of 'The Aberree', may I say that I like the one on Page 3 of Issue 33G of Scientology Journal. It reads: 'Scientology, the science of spiritual and human affairs'. I also like 'Science of wisdom'. The quest for truth took the author of Scientology to the 'cradle' of knowledge and wisdom in his youth, and in recent years he has been examining the 'sacred lore' of the ancients (in such writing as rare translations of the Vedas), so there is every reason for referring to or defining Scientology as the 'Science of Wisdom'.

"One day soon we may be considering an extension of the name even, to convey the inclusion of knowledge and wisdom which are no longer mysteries which may be known only by blue bloods or those 'on the path'. This science rends the 'veils of mystery' and enables each individual to clear the way so he knows he is 'on the path'.

"And anent your discussion as to 'knowing how to know -- what?' may I refer you to tape #547c 427A given during the 7th Clinical Unit in Phoenix. In this lecture L. Ron spoke of 'extending the usual definition and adding the word answer'. Thus this definition would be: Scientology, the science of knowing how to know answers.

"Many thanks for 'The Aberree'. It is fun. Has anyone complimented you upon the clever drawings, as well as the clever articles? I think the whole arrangement is artistic and interesting." -- Dr. Vivien Morris, Los Angeles, Calif.

"The definition of Scientology was one of the projects Ron assigned to me while I was in Phoenix and after batting my brains, my case, my soul, my body, and my theta against a brick wall for a week, I eventually came up with one which seems to be fairly satisfactory: 'Scientology is the observation and use of the knowledge, structures, and functions of humanity for the development and creation of man in his ultimate form'...I find it is a definition from which other simple though not comprehensive definitions can be derived." -- Jack Horner, London, Eng.

"I am very glad to see a paper like the Aberree. Hope you keep it up; it's just what we need." -- Geo. E. Larson, Tampa, Fla.

"Another thing of interest here is an experiment which has been tried in a small way. Acting as ministers, staff members have been visiting hospitals and sanitariums to cheer people up. Their reception has been extremely good, and the results have been greatly worthwhile. Burke Belknap was one of the visitors. In ten minutes he exteriorized a nine-year-old girl who was in grave condition with blood poisoning, had her fix herself up, so that two days later she was discharged from the hospital. So now the training program has been slanted in that direction. People are being trained, and will be certified and commissioned as ministers. Then they will be assigned certain territory which they are supposed to cover in this manner and make regular reports to the HASI.

"By the proper use of this method it is expected that auditors will build up private practices for themselves. These are supposed to be handled thru the HASI in some manner, so as to make sure of the quality of work being done, and otherwise keep the organization informed as to developments. I don't know just what the mechanism will be here.

"Ron is going to give these auditors some personal training, in addition to the other work they are getting. The new professional training course has been the basis of this work up to now.

"That new course, by the way, seems to