The Data's A Bit Stale, But Now It's "Official"

The Data's A Bit Stale, But Now It's "Official"

In an announcement that will come to few as startling or necessary, Art Coulter, M.D., of Worthington, Ohio, has announced his complete withdrawal from dianetics.

This follows within only a few months his resignation from the Dianetic Foundation in Wichita and the organizing of what he calls a "new science" under the tentative label of "Synergetics".

(Dr. Coulter's most recent definition of Synergetics: "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", which sounds similar to the type of therapy we've seen monkeys practicing in the zoo.)

Dr. Art's statement follows:

"In the interests of harmony and as a gesture of good will, among other reasons, I have decided to withdraw from dianetics.

"Please notify all concerned of the following:

"1. That Analytical Procedure should no longer be regarded as a 'dianetic' approach, but rather as a part of synergetics.

"2. That while there is no restriction on its free use by anyone, the use of Analytical Procedure by anyone charging a fee for processing is not authorized.

"3. That the path of synergetics and the synergetic movement will henceforth finally, completely, and irrevocably be away from dianetics and the dianetic movement."


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L. Ron Hubbard, in his tape-recorded addresses before the June Conference of Scientologists, stated:

"That a physical meter can detect and measure this (spiritual ) force is fantastic...but this meter does it!"

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