Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

be a really remarkable thing. I have heard the first several tapes, about six I think, and I like it very much. Also the HASI is at last and actually examining auditors. We had the first section of the examination last night...

"Operation Phoenix has been going on in a big way and the results are beginning to show up in the fact that a few persons are attending the church services. And some of them are getting remarkable results from their attendance." -- Edd Clark, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Thank you for The Aberree... I think your industry and ability make it admirable publication for Scientologists. At present, though, I don't place myself in that classification... I don't know of any other Scientologists in this area than Stan Grady, and he is 30 miles away. Pittsburgh does not seem to be very well represented... Perhaps one reason is that Hubbard never came here." -- Bob Van Nice, Pittsburgh, Penn.

"Your Xmas Aberree at hand and I find that it lives up to its name.

"I wish to comment with a historical (hysterical) note. In the very beginning we were told to eliminate or take out of the PC all engrams, and by this method some diseases were cured, mentalities improved, hair raised and new teeth grown. This taking the pc to a dry cleaning process and removing his engrams proved too long a process and Ron had to think up something else to keep folks guessing and keep the shekels rolling in for new procedures.

"At the early stage of dianetics I got the idea of taking the pc out of his engrams en masse instead of taking the engrams piecemeal out of the pc. I had several suggestions come to me with ideas for such procedure, but I insisted that the only way to take the pc out of the engrams was to run him in future time, this leaving the engrams by the wayside to wither from sheer neglect. This idea did not pan out well as the technique was not right.

"Ron...brought up the idea of exteriorization of the pc, stating that this was all that was necessary and that the pc would clear himself thus of anything he wanted to be cleared from. Bob Arentz in the latest Aberree hit the two nails on the head thus, 'Tis now possible to clear a person and leave all physical ailments intact and under the doctor's care'. This is an inspirational or perspirational gem, for that is just what is happening so far as I am able to judge. I have taken up this idea with Bill Bradnor to see what he works out of it... There is a student for you and he will get there if anyone does.

"May I suggest for experimenters that they get the pc exteriorized, then suggest that he go one month, for instance in future time, and then suggest that engrams are thus left behind and disintegrated. This may not be the final technique, of course, but the idea I think is good. Simply getting a pc exteriorized means nothing so far as his engrams are concerned. At present there seems to be a reluctance toward suggestion of any kind so far as activities are concerned; he is supposed to run engrams out as desired, but that does not occur and Arentz's observation still holds. When you tell a PC to become exteriorized and suggest to him how to do it, isn't that suggestion? Why stop suggestions at that point? Just because some folks might consider suggestions of any kind hypnosis?

"Ronald B. Howes is right back where he started from as a child in regard to religion. He is in someone's valence and has never gotten out of it. Naturally, when he becomes confused he runs back to childhood protective valences. He just hasn't gotten anywhere on the time track.

"Of all things, his return to his former religion is rather incongruous as that is the church that would not allow its members to take up dianetics in the first place.

"As to scientology being a religious movement -- that is a scream -- another of Ron's fiction stories. He is mixed up, too, for the theta is not the soul or God-self, it is Simply the ego-I-self, a purely physical mechanism with nothing of the spiritual about it. Why make scientology a laughing stock? Or, is scientology on its way out? The surest way to wreck it is to hook it up with a religious trend which is not religious at all.

"To simplify it: There is just God and man. Religion is the study of the EXACT relationship between God and man, and it is not theta at all." -- Dr. Addison O'Neill, Daytona Beach, Fla.

(Ed. Note -- In the above letter, Dr. O'Neill expresses views on engram running and Scientology's role as a religion which are at wide variance with our understanding. These columns, however are open to anyone wanting to discuss the matter, pro or con.)

"I enjoyed the report on the Congress and your explanation of the newer procedures." -- R.C. Youtsey, Collinsville, Ill.

"Ding it, Alphia., about Indians working here, I didn't say of them, individually, that 'he is screened on the electropsychometer.' But SHE is; only shes work here.

"These girls are traced electropsychometrically back through their genetic ancestry, and those selected are descendants from handicraft artists that lived in the court of the Emperor Montezuma at Tenochtitlan. These women workers produced Aztec art in obsidian and colored