What Was "The Word"?


"In the beginning was the word." St, John, I-1.

"'In the Beginning was the Word, but what was the Word? What fundamental principle did it outline? What understanding would we have if we knew it?

"An ancient Persian king once made a great effort to know this Word. He tried to discover it by having his sages boil down all the knowledge of the world.

"At his orders, every book written which could be obtained was collected together in an enormous library. Books were brought to that ancient city by the caravan load. And the wise men of the time worked for years condensing every piece of knowledge which was known into a single volume.

"But the king wanted a better statement of the fundamental Word. And he made his sages reduce that volume to a single page. And he made them reduce it again to a sentence. And then, after many more years of study, his philosophers finally obtained that single Word, the formula which would solve all riddles.

"And the city died in war and the Word was lost.

But what was it? Certainly its value, since it would make an understanding of Man possible, exceeded the riches of Persia. Two thousand years later, out of the studies of atomic and molecular phenomena, we can again postulate what that Word was. And use it. Use it to know ourselves. And to predict the actions of other men."--L. Ron Hubbard in SELF-ANALYSIS."

"... episode recalls the story of an ancient king who wanted all the world's knowledge presented in a single work so that he could master it. His wise men went to work, and finally came back with a formidable pile of 70 volumes.

"'Too long,' said the king. 'Boil it down.'

"The wise men went back to their task. They got the work down to seven volumes, but were told this was still far too long. Then they got it down to a single thick volume, but the king was still displeased. Finally, determined to create a masterpiece of brevity including all human knowledge, they brought back a single sheet of papyrus. On it was written just one word. That word was 'doubt'."-Waldo Clegg in Enid, (Okla.) DAILY EAGLE.

Cap and Bells? Or White Coats? (continued)

the right hand... Any communication change?... I want to apologize for not asking this last night... Anybody last night have a perception change? ... Any tonight?... Any tomorrow night? ... If you're going to be so resistive, you'd better go to one of the Associate schools and take a basic course or stand in the corner for an hour and read the First Book...

Let's resist the effect of these four walls ... Pick up all the apathy you've put into them the last three weeks... Resist the other emotions you've been putting into them, starting with grief, and go up to anger... Resist all the pain... Resist the hostility

the neighbors are putting into the walls... The boredom Ron's probably putting into the walls ... Try to find some cheerfulness someone may have accidentally put into the walls... Duplicate it... Throw it all away...

Remember something really real that happened to you yesterday... today... tomorrow... 0pen your eyes and duplicate the first thing you see... Put your feet on the floor... Pick up your bodies and have them take you home ... End of session.

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