Volume 9, Issue 5, page 15

after this earthly expression, of Marcap Council were many
the multitudes are going to and remain so in my heart.
experience a terrific frustra- "I have failed and in failtion on other shores." -- Henry ing have caused others to taste
Lahann, Vacaville, Calif. of the bitterness of failure.
0 0 0 This I deeply regret, but do
"May be are you aware of take the responsibility for it
the sudden death of our much as I was the executive direcloved and competent teacher, for who could not find the path
Mr. Athanese A t hanassoulis , to financial subsistence. I did
psychologist, and the empti- not have goals of wealth .or
ness found by all his students , even money, and so Marcap has
and we hope you may be useful died a slow, lingering death.
to us by communicating other One day it is my hope that my
sources to continue our way of husband and I can resurrect
progress." -- Antoine Kreidi, Marcap Council. We have done
Heliopolis, U. A. R.
0 0 0 it before and will do it again
"Seeing the note on Kat- somewhere ,
"For now, we are living
zen's difficulties with the
Postal Dept. and considering a ourselves andnaccumulat
port e
my own, I find myself wondering
just how many former ABERREE funds with which to st art
advertisers have been put out again. Meanwhile I will write
of business by the post office. and hope to reach the many
There was nothing legal in what good friends who helped us so
they did to me, but their legal much. w
io ritings will be seen
fees being paid by the U. S. in various publications, I am
treasury, and mine financed not told, beginning this fall." --
at all, without regard to truth E. Blanche Pritchett, (Hew odor justice, they would win. dress) P.O.Box 1316, F'airhoge,
"Harold Kinney writes of
gathering desert herbs and
greasewood is mentioned. Does
he also gather popotillo? This
is known as Squaw Tea in Arizona, but it is not related to
any squaw tea written up in
any herb books I can find. Popotillo is the Mexican name.
They use it extensively to cure
arthritis and kidney infections -- also gonorrhea. I have
corresponded with a number who
have been cured of arthritis
by drinking large amounts of
"Popotillo is a desert herb,
grows in West Texas and from
Las Cruces to Lordsburg, N.
Mex., it is plentiful along the
roadside and near railroad
tracks. Also, I have gathered
it on road to Florence, Ariz.,
from Tucson. It has no leaves,
just jointed spikes and yellow
blossoms in the spring. It is
boiled a long time and drunk
by the quart or gallon daily.
It is a pleasant drink. Works
on the kidneys. It is an extremely valuable herb.
"A doctor told one woman
she'd never walk again. Her
Mexican helper brewed popotillo
and poured it down her in
quantities. In three days she
walked into the M.D.'s office
with a cane and a test showed
no more pus in kidneys. Her
arm and leg which were drawn
up returned to normal." -- Mrs.
Harold Graham, Ruidoso, N.Mex.
0 0 0
"I ... think the price of
subscription to The ABERREE is
well compensated by your expressed views of matters dealing with Life. My thinking
parallels for the most part
your views. Why the public is
so willing to be deluded seems
mysterious. I presume the whole
matter can be traced back to
the individuals' conditioning
from early life on to the
present status. I'll further
state, if life is continuous
"Apparently, my ads on Su- Ala. 0 0 0
per-Life passed their scrutiny "This library deal you have
until one ad contained the set up is tome one of the most
suggestion : 'Divert $ f r o m amazing and valuable ideas to
your drug budget'. With this come out of this century. I
ad I offended the drug trust, can look into the future and
and the ax promptly fell. see this a clearing house for
"I would like to see the all sorts of 'out of the' inFIB tor tabulate a list of for- formation. Material that is
mer advertisers who to his ordinarily difficult to trace
knowledge have had the 'free- out will be available thru the
dom of the press' impeded by ABERREE Library. Eventually I
the post office, see this idea as being backed
"Even in gold mining, things by a large philanthropic founseem arranged to protect the dation. (Ford Foundation?)
large entrenched interests. It Buildings and all. I don't know
looks like we have a mine con- where this idea originates extaining over $30,000,000 in cept possibly my wild imaginagold; but it appears impossi- tion. But I see this as a much
ble to take it out and still larger enterprise." -- Russ Hagobey all government regula- Bard, Los Angeles, Calif.
tions; our only solution ap- (ED.NOTE- Much of the credit
pears to sell out to the en- for what the ABERREE Lending
trenched interests and give Library has become goes to
them the fabulous profits which such "friends of the library"
will only make them bigger. as Russ Haggard himself, whose
But it appears our sell-out contributions of books has
should leave us in good shape. made the large selection posI find the recent report sable. Also, to the borrowers,
by Jacob Apsel most fascinat- who are so conscientious in
ing. I reached the same con- returning the books they borclusion about 4 years ago." -- row. In the several years of
Lee Kelley (former Scientolo- operation, we could name only
gist), Congress, Ariz. three persons who have failed
0 0 0 to send back books that have
"It is plain to see that been sent to them -- and it may
there is a time appointed for be that these three are more
everything. Everything in its slow than dishonest.)
own time and in its own space, 0 0 0
using its own energy. "Our government discredits
"With deepest regret I must such things as flying saucers
admit the time for the work of and claims there are no such
Marcap Council has come and things...
gone. In this admission I must "I had always hoped to meet
first acknowledge that the someone that has had physical
collapse of our organization contact with space beings. To
was financial and had nothing date I have met only the people
to do with anything else. The, that have had material sightstaff, the members, the friends ings of the spaceship, and the