Volume 9, Issue 5, page 14

(For a "capsule analysis" of your handwriting, ^rite Mrs. M. S.
Dumke, 322 CB St., Ontario, Calif. Please use black or dark ink.
Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope. A private and ^ore complete analysis is available thru special arrangement.)
J. H. G., Virginia -- Deep,
strong emotions control this
writer. Very determined, he
will stick to anything he believes in. Very physical minded, with strong, almost intense
emotions involved. Strong likes
and dislikes, but keeps them
bottled up. Could be obstinate
as all-get-out, and irritable
when things don't work out the
way he wants them to. Doesn't
like to be crossed or criticised. Inclined to put things
off now and then -- perhaps forgets them; this causes added
irritation, directed towards
himself but others around him
will feel the tension. Keen
imagination. Good judgment in
work; makes a few errors in
personal decisions occasionally. Contrary when "stumped ".
Acquisitive -- knowledge and materially. Resents interference
emphatically. 0
a point of saturation with
other peoples' problems. His
imagination is good but undeveloped to the extent it could
be. He keeps "within himself"
too much but could enjoy physical activities if he so desired. He shows good judgment
in professional matters but
often slips up in personal matters. His needs are simple, he
makes few demands of others he
can't fill on his own. Intuition; initiative to some degree. Not a talkative writer,
more the listener type. Practical in most things but does
put things off now and then.