Volume 9, Issue 5, page 10

your breath out, continue trying to breathe out
thru the body.

This exercise should be practiced in a comfortable sitting or lying position. You should
do it very carefully, never straining yourself, always doing what you can do without
difficulty. Stay well on success; do only what
is easy for you, and raise the count gradually.
The game should be played regularly at the
same time and under the same circumstances, if
possible. You can do it two or three times a
day if you want to, but it should be done routinely.

The purpose of this exercise is to break up
the automatic functions and perceptions and
habits of the body. There are three exceedingly automatic functions in the body, and the
Yogis tackle them directly by going after them
and shutting them all down. One of these is
breathing, the second is the heart beat, and
the third and hardest to stop is the functioning of the intestines and kidneys. There are
Yoga exercises designed to shut down all of
these, but for ordinary psi perception, clairvoyance, and a whole lot of other goals, it is
not necessary to suspend these processes. It
is not necessary to stop breathing, stop the
heart, or stop the other functions; and for the
average person in our civilization, learning to
do all this is neither appropriate nor intelligent. It can be done, but is exceedingly
difficult and dangerous. The simple exercise I
have given you here is much easier and not so
rough as complete suspension, and should result
in clairvoyance if practiced long enough. According to Yoga teachings, the doing of this
exercise for three minutes a day for a year,
with a suspension of 16 heartbeats on each end
of the breath, will enable you to contact t h e
soul, the higher self, or whatever you want to
call it; and contact with this will automatically result in certain types of clairvoyance,
telepathy, and so forth.

If you do the exercise conscientiously,
trying to accomplish the breathing in and out
thru the body as directed, and keep doing it
at scheduled times, sooner or later you will
pick up the flow which the Yogis call "prana",
which is probably the lowest form of psychic
energy. It is the least subtle, the yogis say,
or the most easily detected form, and if you
can pick up emotional flows from somebody else,
you' re probably fairly aware of it already.

If you learn to do the suspension well and
become aware of prana, the flow of prana should
then be directed into the chakras. Ordinarily,
you won't be aware of the chakras unless you're
aware of prana, and you won't be aware of
prana unless you're aware of the chakras. Usually the two go together. When you become
aware of this flow, learn to control it. It is
one of the more common things available to
most healers to use; they draw it in and then
flow it out to the patient_
What is it in these two exercises to cause
clairvoyance and telepathy to turn on?
It is the breaking up of the automatic living patterns which you have established from
the time you were born. These games are more
effective than meditation for in meditation,
the individual frequently slips off into sleep;
also, very frequently, he establishes an automatic pattern for meditation, and this prevents, again, the full perception of his environment. The breaking up of these automatic
patterns is what allows you to perceive the
universe as it actually exists. Time is an arbitrary function. We use it, we live in it,
but the mind itself in perception is not bound
by time. It can abridge time, it can destroy
it, it can eliminate it completely. When you
do these exercises and do them properly, you
may run into a lot of things you didn't even
know could exist.

The exercise on suspension of breath is a
slow technique and may take a year or more to
produce results. The emotional tone curve exercise is a faster method. It may hand you a
lot of stuff you're not quite prepared to handle, however, if you haven't done the earlier
exercises properly.

Working alone will take you a much longer
time. It may take you a year or two years to
do what someone else with a partner could do
in two weeks. However, the slow growth may be
better, because it may give you more time to
integrate and to understand those things which
you do see and which you do learn. The sudden
opening of perception, the sudden development
of clairvoyance, is usually quite a shock to
the individual, and if it's opened up all at
once with no previous warning or training, he
turns it off again.

There are other ways of tackling automaticity. Some of the Dianetic auditors use some
very rough ones. The body has a certain. number
of automatic patterns which are cyclic and
will turn up in, say, half an hour, an hour,
two hours, so that if you take any simple
action and merely continue it far past the
normal time of doing it -- for an hour, two,
three, four hours -- you will run into certain
built-in automaticities in your body. You can
clear these out if you keep on doing the action
by just observing them as they turn up and
riding thru them, ignoring them. In this way ,
you will develop more awareness of yourself
and how you operate, and thereby develop more
awareness of others and how they operate.

In this business, never forget that you are
the receiver and you determine your own sensitivity. Too high a sensitivity is not appropriate. Take my own case, for instance. I work
in a building with 600 persons. The other day
I mentioned to one of them that I was teaching
a course in telepathy, and he said in a kind
of shocked tone, "Do you practice it here?" I
responded in an almost equally shocked tone,
"I'd be an idiot if I did." Anybody who would
open up his mind and his senses completely in
a building filled by 660 hard-working persons,
with maybe 150 headaches, half a dozen ulcers,
and maybe 150 pairs of tight shoes around is
certainly asking for trouble. There' s no future in that. You not only want to be able to
turn the ability on, to develop a sensitivity ,
but you also want to be able to shut it down
when you don't need it. If you could be a hermit and go out in the woods to live by yourself for six months or a year, that would be
ideal for practicing this stuff; that's what
the Yogis make their students do. But most of
us would like to eat regularly, and the hermit
business doesn' t pay very well.
(Continued in the next issue)

Most of us live too near the surface of our
abilities, dreading to call upon our deeper
resources. It is as if a strong man were to do
his work with only one finger. -- John C. Wynn

Personality is to a man what perfume is to
a flower. -- Charles M. Schwab
To discover a system for avoidance of war
is a vital need of our civilization; but no
such system has a chance while men are so unhappy that mutual extermination seems to them
less dreadful than continued endurance of the
light of day. -- Bertrand Russell