Volume 9, Issue 5, page 8

Old Mother Goose, when
She wanted to wander,
Would ride thru the air
On a very fine gander.

IFE BEGINS at zero, BEWARE! Because the
zero point is the mean in action, because
it is the meanest thing that blows all of
its convergent ingredients out into objectivity, then one should beware of touching
it. Zero is the forbidden graven image of
God, the end fruition, from which all phenomena transpires.

The action of a beginning is a straight
line radiating fallout from a zero syn, sinnergistically conceived. The natural reaction
to the action is a synergy which always takes
the form of a helix. The heliocentricity, naturally and automatically, reintegrates the disintegrating radioactivity. The helical solar
center, the dead end of the heliocentricity, is
the beginning of another straight line radiating action. Death and conception are one and
the same point of zero. The immergent and the
emergent are one and the same gent.

A reactive helix that is reactively clean
relative to its own action only can never come
to an end and has no fall out. Obviously, as
long as a helix retains its heliocentricity, it
is without end and consequently without another
beginning. There is always more to it, always
more coils to coil in. A helix is naturally
truncated. There is no end to it. The true and
immaculate helix is, by nature, an eternal
life 1 i n e. This natural heliocentric screw
sense, this non-objective automaticity, is
Mother Nature, alias Mother Goose, the infinite
spiral from an alpha heart.

In order for a silicon battery to generate
electricity, something extra sensory to itself ,
some adulteration, some ferment, namely a piece
of germanium, some germ, has to be added to it
to provide it with a point of gene ration .
Similarly, in order for Mother (loose "to wander" out from her heliocentricity into another
borning radioactivity, some alien impregnation
must be added unto her. She must be given a
masculine point from which to gander. The additive points her truncated helix by overstocking the critical zero size of her helical
pile, by short-circuiting her open C condensing coils, and by bringing all therein to a
zero dead end, another stop-start. It is not
the closed circle, but the helix which is without beginning and without end. The closed zero
circle IS the end and- beginning, and it lasts
no time.

Mother Goose, the helical life line, is
very high strung, very nervous, and very
goosey. Even a desire, or a thought, can effect
her with goose pimples. The helical path spirals up to the right, and old Mother Goose has
but to want to wander off the path of helical
righteousness and she "would ride thru the air",
down to the left, with the greatest of ease
"on a very fine gander". The fine gander is the
masculine gender of the very fine point at the
apex of her helix. The gander is the exploding
male end, the gandering-out point, which has
to be built up by extra sensual means. Her
natural helical truncation has to be artfully
brought to a crator, to a creator point of
creation. In the beginning was created God,
the father, the ganderer, and that was the original syn, the total synthesis of the unending

Mother Goose, of her own nature, can never
come out o f her unending conch shell . Some
extra sensory deception has to force her to
come up for "air". The silly goose sallies
forth because she doesn't know when she is
well off the point of generation. In the word
emergent, the letter "e" means "out of': "mer"
means "mother" and "gent" means "father". An
emergent is out of the mother's gent end.
Mother Goose is not advising us to wander, but
is telling us where the wandering out point is
as a warning to avoid it. The first mistake of
one's life is being born, falling out from the
tail end of one's heliocentricity. After that,
it is but a matter of detail, de-tail-ing of
the tailored, tailered, tail end. This, one
must never do, never do.

So one has the popular picture of old Mother
Goose, wearing a conically shaped, black .funereal hat, gayly riding thru the sky on the
back of a gander, bringing into being a baby
boy which she carries in her basket. Little
does the little one know how long he is in for
it. A "wander" is one who makes wands, straight
line radiations from helices. Some artists
conceive Mother Goose riding out on a broom, a
wand which has strayed strawing out from one
end. Others portray her as a beautiful fairy
manifesting anything she desires by touching
nothings with the end of her wand. The broom
or the wand is the fine gander, the masculine,
zero element of generation. A witch is a Mother Goose who, by artful contrivances, forces
nature's helices to converge to the common zero
point of death and conception, where there is
no telling which is which. The more speedy the
process, the more magical it appears. Every
creative heliocentricity rides high to its
doom. Its doom is a dome of falling objects.
To get what one asks for is his punishment for

In the word GOOSE, the letter G is an open
C circuit with an extraneous bit in its mouth
being Gee-ed artfully to one side, off its helical course, into the interlocking zeroes of
death and conception. The G is a C with i t s
tongue hanging out, vomiting objectively. The S
is the S-shaped spiral and the E means out of .
Silly Mother Goose, she is subject to every
whim of the "I " that rides her.

God offers to every mind its choice between
truth and repose. Take which you please -- you
can never have both. Between these, as a pendulum, man oscillates. He in whom the love of
repose predominates will accept the first
creed, the first philosophy, the first political party he meets -- most likely his father's
He gets rest, commodity, and reputation, but
he shuts the door of truth. He in whom the
love of truth predominates will keep himself
aloof from all moorings, and afloat. He will
abstain from dogmatism , and recognize all the
opposite negations between which, as walls, his
being is swung. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson