Volume 9, Issue 5, page 18

until I realized it was getting
worse every day. Finally I had
to turn myself in to an M.D.
who turned me over to a psychiatrist. When I got better.
I went to a D. C. (chiropractor) who wildly boasted of
curing incurable sinus allergies. Mile I was getting my
daily 'adjustments', my slight
sinus congestion got extremely
bad; so I quit my D.C., together with the D.D., M.D.,
Ph.D., etc.
"Maybe I should consult
Morris Katzen, but there are
still some doubts in my mind;
if God doesn't want us to defecate (and release intestinal
gases) in a natural manner,
why doesn't He say so instead
of beating around the bush in
His Holy Bible? However, I
think Morris has nothing to
fear from the AMA or USPO; he
can always ask for a scientific
test of his theories, None of
the test subjects will be able
to prevent an occasional accident; Morris can then ask for
a new test...
"I enjoy Dr. Kridler's series in ABERREE. I agree with
him that the Bible is not the
word of God. Only a cruel God
would write such ambiguous and
self-contradictory work. Millions of men have died in agony
because of quarrels about confession, ordination, apostolic
succession, celibacy, primacy,
etc., yet the Bible ignores
such vital questions because
its writers did not anticipate
such theological problems. Instead, the Bible devotes many
thousands of words to less important subjects or plain fiction such as the Song of Solomon. where the bridegroom describes the breasts of . his
bride (4: 5). Scholars found
144 striking self-contradictions in the Holy Book, such
as James 1: 13: 'Neither tempteth he any man' and Gen. 22: 1
'God did tempt Abraham'. Or
consider Heb. 6,:18, 'It was
impossible for God to lie', or
Num. 23: 19: 'God is not a man,
that he should lie'. Yet in
other Books God admits being
a liar (Ezek. 14:9) 'I the
Lord have deceived that prophet'. Even Jeremiah accuses God
of lying (Jer. 4:10) : 'God!
thou hast greatly deceived...'
(Jer. 14:18): 'Wilt thou be a
liar?'... It is indeed a pity
that such a book was blamed on
God. More power to Dr. Kridler.
"I must disagree with some
of the theories of Dr. Wigmore
as expressed in The ABERREE
(Christmas number). She bases
her research on the 'solar
bob' which, like the ouija
board, is moved by the operator. Of course x-rays can be
shielded by lead, glass and
other substances, but they can love, it cannot stand. Synernever be attracted sideways, getics and Art