Volume 9, Issue 5, page 20

had been slated to operate
"The Third Leg of Scientology"
down Florida-way, didn 't -- and
took to the sea. According to
his wife Duch, Clem's now a
third mate on the S.S. American Starling, and was off on a
5-month cruise to Greece, after moving his family (Du chl
to Houston. Texas...

While in Denver recently,
we talked to W and 'terrie Talem (via telephone), and Ed
suggested some magazine articles he thought might interest
us -- if we'd read them. Remembering the stack of books near
our desk, and the accumulating
letters, we explained that we
had time only for "absolute
MUST" reading -- and that if we
read everything we should, as
well as what we wanted to --
plus the clippings and magazines sent us by friends and
readers, there'd be little or
no ABERREEs for our readers to
read. Which explains why -- soon
after we returned home -- we
found a Rapid Reading Kit in
our mail. Which, when we find
time to study and adapt to our
special problems (reading copy
for errors and trying to decipher scribbled longhand) may
be some sort of a solution to
something or other. Thank you ,
Ed and Terrie, we're now working on a special reading rack
for the lawn mower, which may
help, too. Or if Alice can
learn to read 1, 000-words-perminute while we drive to-andfrom the office, that should
take care of a book or two extra each month.._
i Philip Friedman, that
"zero fellow" from Florence,
Ariz., who goes back to Pittsburgh, Penn., every once in
awhile to put some numbers and
dollar marks in front of those
zeroes, has performed a miracle in these days of a moneymad postal organization. He
sent an airmail letter with
only six cents on it -- 1 3-cent
stamp and 3 1-centers -- and got
away with it. Maybe all those
stamps were confusing, or maybe some Pittsburgh postal clerk
can't add 3 plus 1 plus 1 plus
L Or maybe Philip and the
post office have their sights
so adjusted to astronomical
zeroes little 3's and 1's get
lost in the shuffle -- or in the
mail. Anyhow, if the Postmaster General learns about this,
there'll probably be a congressional investigation -- this
Billy Sol Estes stuff has got
to stop -- damn it! ...

This may be a second ordination for our seer Louis,
but we understand he was ordained as a minister in the

Science of Mind Church in Phoenix, Ariz., on 27 June. Congratulations, Rev. Rev. Louis...