Volume 9, Issue 5, page 11

LL DURING this -- y >' of 1962, so far, I've
A felt led or-even pushed a bit. I've visited California three times and will be
enroute for the fourth time. Later, I' 11
hit the place again, probably in September. Why do I go? I sometimes wonder. On
the basis of many studies done for many people
I am sure there are people I should meet. Nobody seems to agree with me but I am sure that
civilization has advanced beyond any highwater
mark of spiritual progress ever attained since
man appeared on earth, not excludingHyperborea,
Mu, Lemuria, Pan, Atlantis -- and all the unnamed civilizations in between. I am sure I am
seeking people who are now leading that progress, sometimes in mysterious ways. Sometimes
they are aware of what they are doing, sometimes not.

I meet people and wonder...

For example, Dorothy A. Coe (17340 McAllister, Arlington, Calif.) I met her first at a
lecture in Ontario, Calif. Then we met at the
home of my hosts, Thomas C. and Ruth Lovejoy
(175 Santa Rosa Av., Oakland, Calif.), where
Martha Nolte (690 N. Currier St., Pomona, Calif.) and Dr. Thomas R. Mason (808 West Redondo
Beach Blvd., Gardena, Calif.), top technicians
for the California Association of Rolf Technicians, demonstrated the Rolf technique of
postural release. I studied the fascinating
paintings of this woman who seeks the secrets
of the past and goes alone into strange places
for them. When I asked her for autobiographical data, she wrote, "me and my little car!"
But at the Lovejoys she showed me some 20 of
her"paintings", if they could be called that.
A kind of mixture of sand and paint, her own
secret, by which she removes, or translates,
petroglyphs, Indian paintings, footprints,
ancient writings -- from caves, rocks -- to those
blessed with the opportunity to see her work.
Until now she has had nothing for sale or even
to show people. But she is on the trail of
discovery and wishes to move faster than heretofore. Hitherto she has worked where she could
get a job, usually on the fringe of some area
(the Mojave desert was the most recent) she is
about to enter, until she has the money with
which to continue. It takes about three months
to earn enough money to do two-to-three weeks'
work. But what work!
She has found something she believes is the
Tablet of the Law, the Ten Commandments received by Moses, written on a rock somewhere
in the Mojave, rock and writing believed to
date back some thousands of years. Done in
three languages: Hebrew, Greek, Phoenician. To
everybody's amazement -- except that of his parents and Yours Truly, who had "read" for him --
young Alan Lovejoy, aged five, chanted the
contents of the rock in, according to Dorothy
Coe, the language in which they had been fixed
in the rock. If I've in any way mixed this up --
I was trying in half idl hour to evaluate 20some comparable paintings -- write to Dorothy
Coe, especially if you're interested i n h e r
pictures (comparable to the sand-writings of
the Indians in the Painted Desert, but fixed in
combinations of ordinary paint) or otherwise
joining in her quest into the past.

There is much more of her work, but space
is limited, so now I touch briefly on C.,ris
Heinz, whose work I used in connection with a
lecture on Kundalini at the Lovejoy home. She
deals strangely with the future. She is quite
capable of doing "auragrams"or "prototypes",
tho she does not choose so to do. When I spoke
of her work.I didn't attempt to describe it,
save that -it is done in exquisite pastel crayons -- tho primary colors are never ruled out --
and asked people to study some of her drawings
without comment to anyone else. There wasn't
much anyone could say. Her paintings (drawings?) reach far into the future, somehow,
where there are no words. It was a n interesting experiment to introduce Doris Heinz a n d
Dorothy Cole -- one who probes the future with
crayon, one who probes the past with paint and
sand and tireless inspiration. She doesn't
need an "angel" just now, tho Dorothy could
use a flock of them.

Somehow, I feel lam to tie these two threads
together. If I could, I'd go into the desert
with Dorothy. As to going into the future with
Doris, I just don't know. From the awesome
stories her drawingstell,one wonders mightily.

I trust there'll be more. If this turns into
a "gossip column .% I hope it will read as interestingly as the brief touch-and-go experiences. Others like them follow in sometimes
bewildering sequence.

All things are harmonious by their being;
only Man finds dissonance, and in the finding,
adds to the harmony.

Man is faith by his beingness.

Man's beingness is shaped and molded by and
built upon the beingness of all men before him
and shapes and molds and is the foundation for
the beingness of those to come.

By his choice of ways of being a Man may
brighten or dim the beingness of those to come
and so doing brightens or dims his own future
in exact measure.

By the ways of his beingness, Man manifests
and expresses his acceotance of the faith which
he is. Man has the choice of expression but
cannot alter his beingness as faith.

No Man's act is insignificant to God and no
Man's act is significant to God; significance
lies in Man's acceptance of his own acts and
those of others.

No thing has significance of itself save
that of its being. All other significance is
assigned to it and does not change it.

Man attaches significance to Man and to God;
God attaches significance to neither Man nor

A Man may understand all things but only
his own significances.

Being is not for understanding; it is for
experiencing, but is not impossible to understand as a part of being.

Being may only be understood by wholeness
and from wholeness grows true understanding.

Explanation is not understanding. Understanding is not in words but in being.