Volume 9, Issue 5, page 17

grant sheet what seemed to be
the answer to h e r fervent
prayers. She wrote me, airmail ,
begging for wheat to test its
possible healing powers -- thru
the wheatgrass manna drink -- on
those pitiful tots. Washington
had definitely informed me
that, while the oour}try's warehouses are bulging with wheat
our taxpayers have purchased
and stored, none of it is
available to send to Sister
Gabriella in that leper colony.
"Action in the future, by
congress, manifestly is too
slow. I, personally, have not
the finances to comply with
this plea... I have sent a 10pound package of 'sprouting'
wheat to her so she may test
the soil at the colony. If necessary, when funds are available, I shall go to this leper
colony. Under the protection
of the Almighty, I shall supply
the necessary 'know how ' -- help
making the compost, planting
the wheat, and preparing and
distributing t he wheatgrass
manna drink to those unfortunate children-and also to about
100 adults, likewise stricken.
Sister Gabriella believes, and
I concur wholeheartedly, that
the taking of the wheatgrass
manna drink, over a period of
time, may be the Almighty's
'medicine' which will free humanity from the scourge of
leprosy." -- Dr. Ann Wigmore,
Boston, Mass.
"Interested to hear from
Volney G. Mathison that the
radio telescopes in Moscow are
registering inputs. The reports
I had read concerned the U.S.A.
and may also have been earlier.
However, I was not drawing an
astronomical conclusion. He
puts a 'hence' into his report
of my statement, where I had
none, i. e., the astronomers
heard nothing, hence the star
wasn't talking. I meant it the
other way around: If the star
wasn't talking (as, at that
time, I understood it was not)
it didn't prove that the astronomers were frauds or hadn 't
functioning radio-telescopes.
"This was just a metaphor
or parallel example to help
make my point that a person
might have a genuine psychic
receiving apparatus (mediumistic or telepathic powers),
yet not produce messages during a test demonstration, if,
at that time and place, no
spirit or 'entity' was sending
a message.
"As for Jacob Apsel's conclusion that I am a 'wonderful
follower' (by which he means
no compliment), this is news to
me. Of course, I am no leader
and, in fact, prefer to escape
from bossy people. However, I
SEPTEMBER, 1962 do not divide humanity into
two groups, leaders and followers. I think of myself as a
lone worker, a person temperamentally fitted for work in sciences or arts (old style, before the organizational men
got everything organized into
teams) initiating and carrying
thru my own projects without
the aid or hindrance of leaders and followers. However, I
realize that I, like most people, probably do not have
enough objectivity concerning
myself to classify myself.
"If I am a follower, it is
certainly not of telepathists,
mediums, clairvoyants, and the
like. I doubt if I have ever
met such a person. However,
from my reading, which included
the autobiography of Eileen
Garrett, her magazine TOMORROW
and some accounts of experiments at Duke University, I
gathered that such people and
such powers exist. However,
from Jacob Apsel' s letter and
his article in the same issue
(July-August) I take it that
these are not the people he
proposes to test, but only
those who are, actually, frauds.
"My point was, and is, that
an experiment with such an
approach proves nothing. Tho a
charlatan might fail such a
test, or refuse to take it ,
the person of genuine powers
would too. So, still how are
you to know which is which? Or
if there are such powers?
"Tho I have no personal experience with mediums and telepathists, I have had personal
experience in setting up controlled biological experiments, criticizing the same
and the conclusions drawn from
the results. This may explain
my use of the phrase 'attempting to investigate'.
"I feel that, in his letter,
Jacob Apsel rather jumped on
me for having mentioned Eileen
Garrett without her permission,
and tho knowing her only thru
her writings. May I point out
that he does the same in connection with. me. He classifies
me as a 'wonderful follower'
(one of those who make it possible for 'peddlers of false
values' to thrive) without asking my permission and without
knowing me except thru what I
have written. Does that make
him a wonderful follower?" --
Margery Mansfield, Monterey,
Mass. 0 0 e
"About seven months ago,
Iry Peabody and Bob (Churchill) began co-auditing with a
combination of Dianetic techniques and peyote cactus buttons (which were later powdered and put in capsule form).
The result has been the unbeThe ABERREE
lievable accessibility of
occluded material which establishes beyond doubt the power
and validity of the pre-natal
"The result of this experimental beginning has led to
the forming of a Psychological
Research Foundation , with Bob
processing about seven days a
week for the past five or six
"I wish you both weren't so
far away and we could talk
with you because I know you'd
be extremely interested in the
data we have been getting,
After running the heavy present-life material (and often
before), the pre-clears have
inevitably gone back on the
track, and the picture we are
putting together is one you
would expect to find only in a
science-fiction story. Yet it
explains with its countless
ramifications how we have arrived at our present state of
confusion, fear, distrust, and
impending chaos.
"Our present foundation is
the reactivated one formed by
Gordon Beckstead, Jim Struckmeyer, and Iry Peabody...
"The combination of peyote
with Dianetic technique makes
available material which I' m
convinced could never be contacted any other way, and in
one session a pre-clear accomplishes what would take many
more hours with any other type
of therapy. Last November I
had 25 hours of the latest
Scientology processing for
$250. Compared with what we
are doing now I would call
what I had a good assist, but
I didn't come anywhere near the
really aberrative material I
needed to look at. It's impossible to establish one's own
identity when one is being in
Mama' s universe about 90 percent of the time.
"The after-effects of peyote (in my case at least) produce some fantastic phenomena.
You may have read similar accounts with the use of mescaline and LSD-25. The heightened
sensory perception increases
the beauty of sound and color.
With eyes closed I saw the most
fabulous designs with f ragments of brilliant color. Many
of the designs are of Indian
origin -- masks, totems, pottery
designs, etc.-Gothic cathedral
arches, Egyptian symbolic designs -- all in vivid color. I
could go on and on." -- Tide
Churchill, Phoenix, Ariz.
"I haven't written to you
for a long time because I was
suffering from a bad case of
'nerves'. I went to all kinds
of healers and spent a small
fortune on absent treatment